London Royal Ravens Obliterate New York Subliners In Their First COD League Appearance

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London Royal Ravens Obliterate New York Subliners In Their First COD League Appearance

The first game of the match was a round of standard Hardpoint, with the New York Subliners quickly taking a lead against the London Royal Ravens. However, the Ravens bounced back, turning the game into a neck and neck battle of machine gun rapidfire. New York eventually was forced to back off, trying their best to attempt a strong defence against a rising London offensive in the middle of the Azhir Cave map. With three minutes left, London was ahead 204 – 98, and continued to obliterate any sight of Subliner competition for the rest of the round.

The second game of the match was a heated battle of Search and Destroy, taking place at Piccadilly. It quickly turned into a 2 vs 1 with Zoomaa being the only player left for New York, but the Ravens won the round due to loss of time. The next round was down to the wire, with teams battling a 1 vs 3, but with twelve seconds left, the London Royal Ravens stuck to their guns and pulled another round win in their favor.

The next two rounds were easy wins for New York, with Zoomaa’s grenade savvy play style helping the Subliner’s offense ten fold, but the next four rounds were pure London destruction. Skrapz and Dylan showed their strength as the Royal Ravens continued to dominate, winning the second game.

Round three was steady match of Domination, taking place at the Hackney Yard. It was close for most of the match, with both teams struggling to secure any flags early on. The Ravens showed their strong offense once again, with Wuskin killing almost everything and anyone that happened to cross his path. Truly, another massacre of a round against New York, with the London Royal Ravens sweeping the Subliners.

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