Call of Duty: London Royal Ravens Clinch A Close 3-2 Series Win Against NY Subliners

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Call of Duty: London Royal Ravens Clinch A Close 3-2 Series Win Against NY Subliners

The London Royal Ravens pulled out ahead in a close five-game series on their home turf.

Round One

In the first round of Hardpoint, the New York Subliners managed to hold a more than sixty point lead over hometown team, the London Royal Ravens. But as the round progressed, and the Ravens began to figure out the Subliner strategy, they shot back into a thirty point climb. Jurd was on a strong if not also messy offensive, with Rated luckily snatching up a five man multi-kill, bringing the Royal Ravens to a commanding position.

Within a few minutes, the game became a twenty point match, but ZooMaa continued to press forward, as New York succinctly teamed up on Construction. Dylan carried much of the weight for London, but all in all, New York took the first-round win… as much as a high-tempered British crowd screamed it to not be true.

Round Two

In a 2 v 4 upset, the London Royal Ravens started off the second round of Search and Destroy with the type of attack force that was lacking in their first-round attempt. Rated and Attach were the last two players on the field, but Attach shot him down and scored the first win of that round for New York. They won once again, while London was able to win two back to back matches, mostly due to Dylan’s excellent defensive work to help guide his team. After a bit of offensive struggle, London shot back once again to secure a win, but New York swept the next round very quickly, making it a tie game at 3 – 3.

Attach secured the next round win for his fellow Subliners, bringing down the house with quick-willed offensive play against London… but Dylan, the seemingly nonchalant Bruce Banner of esports, raged through the prior round loss, racking up kills for his team and tying the game once again (4 – 4). The next two rounds followed the exact same pattern, and as the game was tied once again, both teams cranked up their power levels as they entered the eleventh round. The game became a heated match of 4 v 4 for most of the time… but the New York Subliners took the win away from the London Royal Ravens (at this point the crowd was enraged, truly a sight to behold in comparison to the Minnesota matches just a few weeks before).

Round Three

The third round was a close match of Domination and the London Royal Ravens were angry right at the start. The last round had gone poorly, and with the crowd chanting behind them, the Ravens maintained a solid twenty point lead for most of the match. With two points secured and a thirty point lead, London started to gain power as New York trudged through a few defensive issues. Wuskin (snatching a 5 player multikill) and Skrapz (scoring a 3 kill)  were a strong pair against the Subliners, while the rest of the team held down points A and B with great intensity. With Wuskin on their side, the Ravens jumped ahead and finally took the win, making it a 2 – 1 game.

Round Four

The next round of Hardpoint was a strong match for New York right at the start of the match, but even with a forty point lead, the Subliners lost balance just as Dylan upped his offensive strategy, taking more than a few New Yorkers with him. The Ravens took the lead after a few minutes, with just about a fifteen point lead, after another aggressive run by Dylan became a nearly 45 point lead. Jurd held down a brilliant 5 person killstreak, as the point distance between the two teams grew higher. The Subliners became surprisingly still offensively, as London won the round, tying up the series.

Round Five

The final match took place at Gunrunner, with both teams on the prowl for a surefire win of Search and Destroy. ZooMaa was shut down early on, a slight shock, Tamp quickly dying afterward. In the end, the last players left alive for London was Skrapz, who was eliminated by Attach at the end of the round. The second round of S ‘n’ D was even quicker, with New York taking the win away in under two minutes. London took a 4 v 3 lead in the third round, which quickly turned into a 3 – 1 in Ravens’ favor, as London took their first (and much needed) win of that round. They won the next four rounds back to back, and the energy behind London from the crowd was something to behold… but the New York Subliners stopped the Ravens’ streak, winning the round.

Skrapz got the first kill of the eighth round, with the game boggling down to Ruskin against New York’s Temp, as Temp got the win for New York. The ninth round, however, went to London, and with only one point needed to turn the game away, a reverse sweep became a reality for London, as Dylan pushed forward to win the series, 3 – 2 over New York Subliners. The audience cheered, rightfully so. It was without a doubt the best series of the day

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