LoL: Golden Guardians Drops Entire LCS Roster

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LoL: Golden Guardians Drops Entire LCS Roster

Drastic changes are coming to the Golden Guardians LCS roster.

As the craziness of the LoL Esports free agency starts off, the Golden Guardians is dropping a bombshell. All five of their players are leaving the organization and they'll be starting off from square one for next year.

This move is an explosive one indeed. Though Golden Guardians didn't perform that badly this year, they were stuck in the middle of the pack. Despite that, they had pieces that were far and above better than the rest of the team. These were jungler Can “Closer” Çelik and ADC Ian Victor “FBI” Huang. Both players had breakout season and were pleasant surprises for fans and analysts of the region. They consistently shone as the power points of this team, even when the team wasn't performing all that well.

With all that said, Golden Guardians is in for a crazy off-season. They'll need to find a totally new roster for the season and hopefully do it quickly before all the prized players are signed. However, they clearly want to try something completely new, so it'll be interesting to see where it all goes for them from here.

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