Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution

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Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution

Find out the cheapest solution to the Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC and get an Icon for your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team for just a fraction of the price

The Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC has been introduced in EA FC 24, offering players a chance to obtain an Icon card for their Ultimate Team, but only for a 24-match loan period. In this unique SBC, players can embark on a quest to acquire one of the Icon cards, which are highly sought-after for their exceptional skills, historical significance, and the prestige they bring to any Ultimate Team.

Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC, Cheapest Solution

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The Icon roster has seen a massive expansion this year, featuring an impressive collection of over 100 Icons. This substantial growth can be primarily credited to the addition of eight completely new Icons, initially introduced in FIFA 23 but now prominently featured in FC 24. These newly-introduced Icons come with a rich footballing history, marking a significant milestone in the progression of Ultimate Team.

One particularly groundbreaking aspect of this Icon expansion is the historic inclusion of the first-ever female Icons in Ultimate Team history. This remarkable development not only pays homage to the extraordinary talent and contributions of female footballers but also underlines EA's commitment to inclusivity and diversity within the gaming community.

For those EA FC 24 players eager to complete the Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC, it's crucial to note that, unlike the previous Heroes Loan, this time, the only reward available is a base Icon card. While this Squad Building Challenge might not be the ideal option for players in search of a lasting prize, it could still be enticing for those looking to test a card from the series and who have extra resources to spare.

Once you finish this SBC, you'll be presented with three Icons to choose from at random. It's a decision that requires careful consideration since you'll have this chosen Icon available for 24 matches, making it an excellent choice to lead your club into the Weekend League.

I have put together a concise guide to tackling the Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC, complete with the cheapest solution. Is it worth the effort? That's a decision you have to take after evaluating the expense and reward.

Successfully wrapping up the Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC within a week grants players the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of three Icon cards. As previously mentioned, this Icon series features a variety of impressive cards, each with its unique appeal. Given the extensive roster of Icons in EA FC 24, however, players who have their hearts set on obtaining a specific card will face a good deal of uncertainty in achieving their desired pick.

While the path to securing a specific Icon card may be uncertain, the element of surprise can also be quite thrilling. It encourages players to explore new possibilities, experiment with different Icons, and potentially discover hidden gems that they might not have considered at first.

Also, the possibility of acquiring a loan card that's valid for about 24 matches introduces an additional factor to take into account before completing the Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC, potentially dissuading players who are in search of a more permanent addition to their Ultimate Team Squads. Even if you have the cheapest solution, it's perfectly understandable to have reservations about the long-term value and practicality of this type of reward.


Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC Requirements & Cheapest Solution

You can successfully complete this Squad Building Challenge with just one team. Below, you'll find the prerequisites and the cheapest solution, along with prices obtained from FUTBIN.


  • 86 and Higher OVR Players: Min. 2 in your Starting 11
  • 85 and Higher OVR Players: Min. 2 in your Starting 11
  • Team Overall Rating: Min. 84
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11


  • Joselu: 82-450 FUT
  • Romelu Lukaku: 84-1200 FUT
  • Lindsey Horan: 86-7500 FUT
  • Stanislav Lobotka: 84-1200 FUT
  • Aubrey Kingsbury: 84-1200 FUT
  • Edgar Badia: 80-400 FUT
  • Paulina Dudek: 84-1200 FUT
  • Harvey Barnes: 80-400 FUT
  • Lea Schuller: 86-7700 FUT
  • Chiamaka Nnadozie: 84-1200 FUT

Overall Squad Cost: 22.9K FUT





Loan Base Icon Player Pick SBC Cheapest Solution
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