League Play And Iconic BO2 Map Coming To Black Ops Cold War

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League Play And Iconic BO2 Map Coming To Black Ops Cold War

The Mid-Season update has brought us more than we thought, with League Play and an iconic map returning later in the season.

Today the Mid-Season update for Season One of Black Ops Cold War was released. While we received everything we expected, we also received some more information on content coming within the season. Call of Duty League fans can finally rejoice, with League Play and Express returning in Season One.

League Play

While we don't have much info on the ranking system or any rewards, it has been confirmed that League Play will come to Black Ops Cold War in Season One. This mode will be competitive and see you go up against players of the same skill level, going up divisions such as Gold, Diamond and Platinum as you progress.

Express Returns

The iconic map from Black Ops 2 returns to Call of Duty for the first time since 2011. The roughly U-shaped map features train tracks in the middle with a moving train, so look both ways before you cross. This map has given us plenty of memorable moments in competitive Call of Duty history, and fans will be pleased to see it return. Express will be returning on February 4.

While we don't have a release date for League Play, we can expect to see it before the end of Season One, and possibly alongside the start of the CDL season on February 11.

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