Latest Tarkov Quest “The Tarkov Mystery” Teases Future Story Beats

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Latest Tarkov Quest “The Tarkov Mystery” Teases Future Story Beats

The Tarkov Mystery continues the push towards Tarkov getting a full release later in 2024 as players learn more about Skier and what it has to do with Ryzhy's father.

As we approach Tarkov coming out of Early Access/Beta in 2024, we are starting to get more story progress that seems to tease such. Today, Battlestage Games (BSG), developer of Tarkov released a new teaser (below) which began a new quest in the game.

The quest starts at Skier, sending players to find out what's going on with all the new flash drives on the map. To start the quest, players need to have unlocked Skier, and completed the “Burning Rubber”, which is one of the early quests in the Ground Zero “new player” map. The quest chain can be completed at any level, and works in both standard, and PvE tarkov.

Tarkov “The Tarkov Mystery” Quest progression

 1. Choosing a side of the conflict with their own unique quests

 2. Player decisions affect the course of progression in some quests 

 3. ARG elements. Players will have to solve puzzles not only online, but also in real world

 4. Some decisions late in the quest line can lead to the failure of the quest, so players need to be careful with their choices

 5. A unique achievement for completing the event

 6. A unique item that can be displayed in the Hall of Fame. The item will remain with the player after the wipes

 7. Bonuses and rewards after completing the quest

Latest Tarkov Quest “The Tarkov Mystery” Teases Future Story Beats
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