Latest Leaks Detail Upcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

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Latest Leaks Detail Upcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The Call of Duty franchise could be embracing the Cold War next.

Call of Duty rumors are like the Mcdonald’s of video games news. It seems that billions and billions of these reports are shipped out each day, yet this latest report seems completely legitimate.

The title was leaked just this week, having been discovered through player data mining. The latest Call of Duty reports all lead back to Eurogamer, who broke the news regarding this Cold War setting.

With Warzone helping boost COD interest and Modern Warfare still performing so admirably amongst fans, it is no surprise to see the franchise head towards Russian territory. Where success was found before, it is best to double down.

Breaking Down 2020

There is already a tremendous amount of hype filling the internet air. Call of Duty fans clamoring on Twitter, excited with the news that their favorite game is going back to its roots. While there will surely be multiplayer, there has been no news regarding the story mode for the upcoming title. The Cold War was a pivotal if not volatile time in history, and for a franchise that once dialed up the schlock with future President Kevin Spacey, a detailed tactile narrative would be a true chef’s kiss.

However, one glaring issue right from the get-go is the name. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a title with not one, but two subtitles. Sure, the subject matter will be engaging, but the “soft reboot curse” is strong with this series. The way it plays out could very much be a rehashing of what worked in prior titles, with little to no change at all. Online is the big prize, but with Warzone setting a new precedent for multiplayer options, Activision/Blizzard better deliver quality. Otherwise, there is a whole generation of Warzone fans ready to jump ship for Fortnite.

Do you have any thoughts on the latest COD news? What do you think about this new 2020 title?

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