Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 5 Qualifiers

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Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 5 Qualifiers

LVL couldn’t live up to the hype in Stage 4, but can Clayster and Standy carry the squad to some victories this time around?

It has been almost 2 weeks since Los Angeles Thieves have lifted the trophy of the 2023 Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major, but Stage 5 is already starting! The 12 franchised team of the biggest CoD tournament of the world start their journey to the Major again – who will be surprise this time around?

Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas Preview

Las Vegas Legion

Legion was the team which had an unexpected performance in the Stage 4 Qualifiers. After Eli “Standy” Bentz joined Las Vegas, the team achieved something that they never had before: making it to the Upper Bracket of a Call of Duty League Major. They beat teams such as Boston Breach, Toronto Ultra, and Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas The Captain of LVL, Clayster
Source: @LasVegasLegion

Sadly, James “Clayster” Eubanks and his teammates couldn’t upset the competition in the Stage 4 Major. In their first match, they lost to New York Subliners 0-3, getting 0 points in El Asilo Search and Destroy and El Asilo Control as well. In the Lower Bracket, they faced Florida Mutineers, but couldn’t beat them where it mattered the most, and they were among the first to be eliminated from the Major.

OpTic Texas

While OpTic got to the Major Grand Finals yet again, they failed to seal the deal two times in a row. Cuyler “Huke” Garland and his team had a flawless showing in the Qualifiers, beating all 5 of their opponents, only suffering 3 losses over the course of 5 series.

Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas the players of optic
Source: @OpTicTexas

However, OpTic wasn’t able to rise to the top in the Major: they defeated Breach in the first round 3-1, then knocked NYSL to the Loser’s Bracket. However, they couldn’t beat Los Angeles Thieves in the Winners Final, so they had to face off against Atlanta FaZe in the Lower Bracket. While they managed to sweep FaZe 3-0, they still only won two maps against LAT in the rematch – just like in Major III, when they faced Toronto Ultra.

Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas Predictions

However, that doesn’t mean that they will be in trouble tomorrow against Las Vegas Legion. While the addition of Standy definitely helped the squad, they are still not there yet. Even though every member has an above 20 Kills Per 10 Minutes on Hardpoint, great Overall KD’s on Search and Destroy, and good Engagement statistics on Control, only their Search and Destroy winrates reflect this. Meanwhile, OpTic Texas are adepts on Hardpoint, and while they have a sub 50% Control WR, its not as abysmal as LVL’s, who only won 7 out of 31 played this season. Las Vegas can surprise the audience again, but not against OpTic.

How to watch Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas

You can find LVL and OpTic duking it out on Friday at 4:30 PM ET on the official Call of Duty League YouTube and Twitch channels. Don’t forget to check out ESTNN for the other Stage 5 Qualifiers Previews and Predictions!

Las Vegas Legion vs OpTic Texas Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 5 Qualifiers
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