LA Thieves Complete Dominant 3-0 Sweep With New Roster

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LA Thieves Complete Dominant 3-0 Sweep With New Roster

The Thieves surprise many with a quick 3-0 sweep in their first match.

Ahead of the Stage 2 Major, the LA Thieves announced a roster change. In their second roster change of the season, Austin “Slasher” Liddicoat was moved to the bench, while Zack “Drazah” Jordan came to the starting roster.

This move shocked many fans, as Slasher, one of the best ARs in the League, is a player that many never thought they’d see on the bench. However, his replacement Drazah is no joke.

LA Thieves 3-0 Sweep

Map One against the Paris Legion saw the new kid Drazah absolutely kill it. He put up a massive 36 kills with a 1.64 K/D, dominating the leaderboard. Checkmate seemed to be the perfect map, as Drazah and his AR duo Kenny not only held down lanes, but played aggressively and secured a 250-203 win.

Map Two was a complete blowout from the Thieves. The 6-0 win saw Drazah only put up two kills, while his teammates found all of the remaining 22 kills. Venom had the most deaths for the Thieves… with only two.

A devastating 3-0 for Paris Legion was topped off from a 3-0 Control win for the Thieves. For what seems like the first time this season, we saw smiles on the faces of Thieves players as they crushed their opponents, and secured a 3-0 sweep.

Is this just a honeymoon period for the squad? We’re not sure. Thieves look genuinely good, and we could see them go on and make a solid Losers Bracket run this Major. While many fans disagreed with the benching of Slasher, you can't disagree that Drazah has proved his worth. He’ll continue to work hard and look to keep his spot on the LA Thieves' roster post-Major.

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