All Known Maps, Weapons, Perks And Equipment In The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha

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All Known Maps, Weapons, Perks And Equipment In The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha

With many content creators getting to play an Alpha build of Black Ops Cold War, here’s all the maps, weapons, perks and more that we know


Armada – In one of the most interesting Call of Duty maps we’ve ever seen, Armada has no lanes. Instead, zip lines will connect two Navy ships together with vehicles such as Wakerunners and Gunboats traversing the waters below.

Crossroads – Crossroads is a cinematic map which “feels like it’s been pulled out of the campaign”. However, it is also one of the larger maps within BOCW and because of this Tanks and vehicular warfare will be vital to your team's victory.

Miami – Influenced by Miami’s Ocean Drive, this map is set during night time only with the neon lights and club music giving an 80’s gangster-like feel to the map. Players can choose to fight through the buildings or to flank around the outside on the beach or even in the sea waters.

Satellite – Set in Angola, Satellite is positioned in Central Africa and features no buildings. Instead, players will fight through a crash site in the desert, finessing around the debris.

Moscow – Moscow will take players through the 80’s city center in a standard 3-lane map featuring tall buildings, cars and a metro station.

Primary Weapons:

Assault Rifles

  • XM4
  • Krig 6
  • AK-47


  • MP5
  • Type 821
  • AK-74u

Tactical Rifles

  • M16
  • Type 63

Light Machine Guns

  • RPD
  • Stoner 63

Sniper Rifles

  • LW3-Tundra
  • Pelington 703

Secondary Weapons:


  • 1911
  • Diamatti


  • Hauer 77
  • Gallo SA12


  • Cigma 2


Perk 1

  • Engineer – Detect Enemy equipment & scorestreaks through walls
  • Tactical Mask – Maximized resistance to Flashing and Stun grenade. Immune to gas.
  • Flak Jacket – Take less damage from enemy explosives and Molotov fires.

Perk 2

  • Scavenger – Replenish ammo from fallen players
  • Quartermaster – Recharge equipment over 25 seconds
  • Tracker – See imprint of enemy footsteps. Aim at enemies to reveal them on your team’s mini-map.

Perk 3

  • Cold Blooded – AI-controlled Scorestreaks will not target you. Player-controlled scorestreaks will not highlight you. Show up cold on Thermal. Players in vehicles won’t see your nameplates.
  • Ghost – Undetectable by enemy Spy Planes whenever you are moving, planting, or defusing bombs, or controlling Scorestreaks.
  • Ninja – Sprint more quietly. Resistant to Field Mic.



  • Smoke Grenade
  • Stun Grenade


  • Frag
  • C4

While we expect more maps, weapons and equipment to be added before the Beta and eventually the full game release, this gives us a good idea on the type of things to expect while playing Black Ops Cold War.

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