KFC Gaming Tease Possible Call of Duty Tournament

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KFC Gaming Tease Possible Call of Duty Tournament

Worldwide fast food restaurant KFC has teased a possible Call of Duty tournament or league on their gaming profile.

On Saturday the 12th they released a tweet spelling out ‘KFC’ in ‘coming soon’ emojis along with a distorted image that can be slightly made out. In the image, you can make out what seems to be a badge type logo with KFC at the top followed by five stars and ending with the Call of Duty Black ops logo.

What could this mean? Our speculation can see three possible outcomes:

KFC announces their own league or tournament for CoD.
Simple as it sounds, KFC Gaming will host their own tournament for players to enter, this will be live streamed along with prizes that you can probably already guess include the famous recipe chicken. This seems like the most likely outcome as the badge must stand for something regular and long term.

KFC announces an open challenge.
They’ve done it before with a sniper challenge, the best ‘clip’ was rewarded with free KFC however would they do it again to the open majority? This seems possible however would clash with their most recent challenge.

KFC supports the upcoming UK CWL event.
As the CWL is the heart of CoD, it’d make sense for KFC Gaming to get involved with the upcoming UK event being in May, rumors have suggested that it will be based in London however CWL has yet to confirm or announce anything. This, however, is our least likely outcome due to the actual complications of sponsoring an entire CWL event.

Regardless what it is, KFC Gaming has got the Call of Duty community excited for what is planned. It seems an announcement is just over the horizon so be sure to keep a close eye out here or follow us on Twitter for updates.

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