Is Outcast A New Beginning Open World?

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Is Outcast A New Beginning Open World?

Outcast A New Beginning is the direct sequel to Outcast, a game released in 1999 that paved the way for all open-world games to come. For this reason, many are asking themselves the fateful question, “Is Outcast A New Beginning open world?”. Will the sequel to this acclaimed classic follow the same path as the game released 25 years ago? In this article, we will give you an answer to this question.

Is Outcast A New Beginning Open World?

Like its predecessor, Outcast A New Beginning is also a game that falls into the open-world category. The development team (which is the same one that gave life to this IP 25 years ago) wanted to follow both the wave of the nostalgia effect in order to arouse the curiosity of long-time players who were perhaps waiting for a sequel and both the trends of the moment where open world games are now dominating far and wide.

In Outcast A New Beginning, therefore, you will once again take on the role of the protagonist of the first chapter of the series, even if he will obviously have matured and find himself in a completely different world from the one present in the first Outcast. However, although he is no longer in his prime, he has certainly not lost his humorous streak, a distinctive feature of the game that contributed to making him famous.

Outcast A New Beginning

You will have the opportunity to explore the planet of Adelpha again, this time even richer in things to discover, characters to meet, and enemies to defeat. In 25 years, the world of gaming has certainly evolved; therefore, we will see a completely revisited world with modern technologies. From what we can see from the trailers released by the developers, it seems that they have done a really good job of making Adelpha as realistic and full of life as possible.

Although we still don't know how big the game map is, we are sure that the Outcast A New Beginning development team has adapted to the times and designed a map that can satisfy the demands of current players. However, the unknown always remains regarding the question of activities to do and places to explore. Creating maps that are too large can run the risk of repeating the same assets too many times for the settings, characters, and activities to be done.

In any case, we can say that Outcast A New Beginning appears to be a title in line both with its predecessor and with the trends of the moment. In this way, we are sure that both older and younger players will be able to find what they want and, to avoid any twists, no one should be disappointed.

Is Outcast A New Beginning Open World?
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