Infinity Ward Dev Confirms More Content Will Come To Modern Warfare After Season 6

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Infinity Ward Dev Confirms More Content Will Come To Modern Warfare After Season 6

Today marked the end of Modern Warfare’s Season 6, but a developer has confirmed that more content is on its way.

Following the release of Black Ops Cold War two weeks ago, many fans have left behind last year's release, Modern Warfare. However, some fans have continued to play the game and possibly will do throughout the entire year. Today, Season 6 of Modern Warfare ended, marking the last season of the 2019 game. Fans have been wondering if we will see more seasons or content in Modern Warfare. Today, an Infinity Ward developer gave us an update.

Infinity Ward’s lead VFX artist responded to a tweet and said “There is more content coming. I just don't know the official name of it.” This is a great thing to hear for fans of Modern Warfare, however, it is extremely vague. With Modern Warfare, Warzone and the newly released Black Ops Cold War entering a unified progression system on December 10th, we are unsure how this content will be integrated, and what the content will be.

Season 6 ended today, and we know that the next battle pass available in Modern Warfare will be the same as Black Ops Cold War’s, but won't involve any items usable in last year's title. With Modern Warfare selling over 30 million copies in its first year, it makes sense to keep supporting it, and releasing new content. However, until Activision confirms future plans for the game, Modern Warfare fans can only get a little hope from the comments of a developer.

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