Indika Review – A Self-Discovery Journey

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Indika Review – A Self-Discovery Journey

2024 is certainly a very prosperous year for the publisher, 11bit studios. After the release of The Invincible and The Thaumaturge, now it's time for Indika (waiting for Frostpunk 2, The Alters, and Creatures of Ava). Are you ready to find out what we think of this very particular game?

In this Indika review, we will tell you about the game to help you understand what you should expect if you decide to buy it. Highlighting both its strong points and those that would have needed some more attention. If you are curious to know what we think, you are definitely in the right place.

A Young Nun

Have you always wanted to impersonate a nun and experience life from her point of view? Well, the developers of Indika have satisfied you, at least in part. In fact, don't expect to do the classic tasks of a nun, but in Indika, you will be something more. If religion has importance, don't forget that it is a fictional product (and a successful one, in our opinion).

In fact, in the role of a very young nun, your task will be to reveal mysteries and solve puzzles to find what is hidden in a town in a dystopian Russia. In fact, the protagonist will find herself taking part in a journey of inner discovery, and the player will be accompanied on this adventure by the dark humor that distinguishes the production.

In short, Indika is not a conventional game at all and we can also understand this from the fact that the protagonist's traveling companion will be none other than the Devil. A nun who is accompanied on her journey by the Devil? It's certainly not something out of the ordinary. So, keep this aspect in mind and above all, remember that this is dark humor and that the development team had no intention of offending anyone in any way.

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A Story-Driven Game With Some Puzzles

Indika, as you can surely guess and as you have had the opportunity to experience if you have had the opportunity to try the demo of the game, is a story-driven game. Consequently, the focal point of the entire game is its plot and how it is told (in a very well-done way). For this reason, don't expect to find yourself faced with a game with addictive and adrenaline-filled gameplay.

Obviously, this is absolutely not a bad thing, at least not in this case. Indika's gameplay blends perfectly with what the developers wanted to say. Creating a gameplay that was different from one with a very slow pace, in which you have to pay attention to what is happening around you and solve some puzzles, would certainly not have done the game justice.

However, there are sections that are a little more “action”, but they are really reduced to the bare bones and, in any case, are placed in a proper context. In other productions, these sequences were not successful and could easily have been done without, in Indika, the developers were very good at creating the right balance. We won't tell you more about it so as not to spoil too much of the journey of discovery you will have to face.

If you are a fan of games like Life is Strange and the like, you will definitely love Indika too. The gameplay, in fact, is very reminiscent of that type of game, even if the game itself is completely different in terms of themes and more. But we want to repeat it once again: don't take what happens in Indika too seriously; it's still dark humor.

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Without Infamy and Without Praise

From a technical point of view, the game certainly doesn't scream miracle, but it doesn't have to deal with serious problems either. It is the classic game without infamy and without praise. The technical sector does its job and we have not experienced any disabling problems during our adventure that did not allow us to enjoy the story of the game.

The sound sector is also well done and the music and effects are on point and manage to make the player better identify with the story that the developers wanted to tell. Therefore, we can say that you will be able to finish the game without any problems or impediments from a technical point of view (at least in theory).

A few small notes, however, on the expressiveness of some characters and on the animations. In general, but on some occasions more than others, a certain lack of expression in the faces of the characters is quite evident. Of course, this is not such a catastrophic aspect that should dissuade you from purchasing, but it should still be underlined. However, it is a game in which the plot is important, so better perceiving the players' sensations is still an important aspect.

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Indika Review – 8/10

Lovers of particular and over-the-top games will certainly find something for themselves in Indika. Taking on the role of a nun who is accompanied by the Devil during her journey of discovery is certainly a peculiar thing and could trigger some small complaints, if you don't understand the humor that the developers wanted to use.

Consequently, if you like strong and particular stories and are looking for a game that is more relaxed and does not require special skills, Indika is definitely the right choice to make. The story is very interesting and is able to involve you for its entire duration. Some small uncertainties from a technical point of view are present, but nothing that could ruin the experience.

*This game was reviewed on PC thanks to a key offered by the developers.

Indika Review – A Self-Discovery Journey
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