“I’m Here to Win” — Exceed Los Angeles Guerrillas Interview

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“I’m Here to Win” — Exceed Los Angeles Guerrillas Interview

We sat down with LAG’s newest signing Exceed to talk everything Call of Duty.

ESTNN recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kane “Exceed” Stockdale ahead of the Los Angeles Guerrillas first match in the Call of Duty League Major 2 Qualifiers. With the Los Angeles Guerrillas bringing in three of their academy players to join Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson on the starting roster, we discussed everything about Exceed’s career, his Challengers Championship victory and much more.

You can watch the full interview here:

How did you get into Call of Duty and start competing?

Exceed: “I started playing just for fun with my friends back in the day. Just started playing for fun and, you know, just playing gbs, working my way up with friends and just having fun playing wagers and stuff like that. I always loved competing and the World War II season was when I made the decision, I was like, wow, I think I'm pretty good at this. I was underage at the time, so I couldn't compete in World War II. So the first year that I was actually allowed to compete was a Black Ops 4. I was friends with Parasite at the time and he gave me a big vouch when I turned 18 and I ended up teaming with Adam (Assault).

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I got really lucky with how things went about. Cause I got a vouch from somebody like Parasite who was in the pro league at that time. So I kind of got to skip the whole process that everybody goes through of going through and working your way up through teammates and stuff like that.

Since Black Ops 4 I've been working my way up and I had a little stint in the league, but I honestly don't even count that. That basically leads me to where I am, you know, winning in Champs last year, most winning player in NA and then starting off this year with a couple tournament wins too, which is nice.”

Challengers Champs Winner last year. What was that moment like for you?

Exceed: “It was super cool. That’s the first LAN I've actually won because when I first started competing in cod, it was in Black Ops 4. I first started competing at Anaheim, and then I went to Miami and then Champs. So I went to three LANs and then Covid happened.

So everything was kind of out the window with that. So, you know, winning one of the few LANs that I've gone to, which was obviously Champs, was a surreal feeling because we were kind of counted out going into that tournament by a lot of people.”

You joined the LA Guerrillas Academy following that Champs win. How did that team come to happen?

Exceed: “Yeah, so me and Adam were a team of two going into this off season. We kind of figured we were gonna team with each other. With Joe, we realised he was really good. He has a lot of talent, so we thought of somebody else that had an X factor and fundamentals with Connor or DiamondCon and that completed the team. We were really lucky that LAG decided that they were gonna come back into challengers and picked us up”

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