IEM Brazil Will Return to Rio De Janeiro in April

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IEM Brazil Will Return to Rio De Janeiro in April

With two months away, ESL has finally revealed the venue of its next CSGO tournament. IEM Brazil is returning to Rio on April 17.

Intel Extreme Masters Brazil will be hosted this year at Rio De Janeiro’s top indoor spot, the Jeunesse Arena. The tournament is slated to officially start on April 17 but will be open to a live audience from April 21-23. 

Out of the 16 teams that are supposed to attend the event, the majority of the sides have already secured a spot. The only South American team to receive a direct invitation is FURIA, while Heroic, Outsiders and Cloud9  were chosen based on their recent World Rankings. Additionally, 6 ESL Partner Teams – Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, FaZe Clan, MOUZ and Team Vitality – have also been invited. That leaves 5 more slots to be occupied. 

While IHC made it from the lower bracket by a thread after beating Lynn Vision at the Asia Qualifiers, 9INE and BIG made it through the European Qualifiers to book a further 3 slots at the Rio De Janeiro tournaments. 

Participants who can make it through the upcoming North and South American Qualifier rounds this Friday can take up the two final slots. 

The organizer confirmed their choice of location on Thursday, which is where last year’s IEM Rio Major was also hosted. The event sold out all of its tickets for the final day within a span of three hours. 

According to Shaun Clark, Senior Director of ESL's Game Ecosystems, “Last year during the IEM Rio Major, the Brazilian crowd demonstrated such an enormous enthusiasm and passion as we have never before witnessed in eSports.”

Expected to carry the same hype, IEM Brazil will be one of the most eagerly-awaited CSGO events of the year as the 16 best teams compete against each other for a prize pool of $250,000, a notch on the path to the Intel Grand Slam, and a spot at IEM Cologne 2023 in a few months’ time.

The teams will be divided into two halves – Group A and B – from which the top 3 advance to the playoffs while the Upper Bracket winners ascend to the Semifinals directly. As was the case at IEM Katowice, the 6 Playoffs teams will be within single-elimination brackets before the finalists lock horns at the Grand Finale. 

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IEM Brazil Will Return to Rio De Janeiro in April
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