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How To Watch The $20K Code Red Oddman Warzone Tournament

The words "Code Red Freedom" appear in a box before a majestic eagle drawing with a red, white and blue background.

Code Red is back with another Warzone tournament/

Tonight we have yet another Code Red Warzone tournament, however, this one has a slight twist in the format. Tonight’s $20K Code Red will feature the Oddman format, so here’s everything you need to know.


The Trios Oddman format will be used for this tournament. An Oddman tournament sees two teams of three go head to head with one player from each team swapping sides. Teams then play their normal kill race, but with one player from the opposing team in their lobby.


  • Ayz, Zpki & Twisty
  • Bobypoff, Ottereyes & Finessen
  • WarsZ, Skullface & Lenun
  • IcemanIsaac, Braalik & Exzachtt
  • Jukeyz, Fifakill & Smit
  • LEGIQN, Harry & Reedr
  • SuperEvan, MuTeX & Biffle
  • TeePee, UnRational & Scummn
  • Zlaner, Destroy & ClutchBelk

Schedule & How to Watch

Code Red’s $20K Oddman Warzone tournament kicks off at 1 PM ET today and will be streamed on Boom.TV’s Twitch Channel, or your favorite competitor will also be streaming their POV.

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