How to Watch NYSL $50K WarzoneMania Day 2

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How to Watch NYSL $50K WarzoneMania Day 2

WarzoneMania returns for day two, here’s everything you need to know

The New York Subliners continue with their well-loved WarzoneMania event with day two, and another $25K up for grabs. With 18 of the best Warzone squads in the world competing, here’s everything you need to know.


The WarzoneMania format changes for day two, seeing all teams compete in a series of private matches, with $5K going to first place. It’s that simple.


Swagg, Swishem, DiazBiffle, Booya

FiveByFive, Dill, FinessenTV, Nickool

Jukeyz, HisokaT42, realskullface49, Winterellas

Almond, Tommey, Newbz, KenzRosey

ZLaner, Nadia, WarsZ, OakleyBoiii

JessieCooks, exzachtt, ForeignJase, braalik

Rated, Mayappo, Ottereyes, QueenBitty

Aydan, zSmit, MissSweets, GorgoKnight

Holly, zColorss, Ebatez, Djmas23

Flxnked, Cely, HaddyzJR, Lenun

ShawnJGaming, JaredFPS, Drakota, Bloo

JDeviseFB, UncivilQueen, Legendary117S, Sodzex

MuTeX, Apathy, QueenShadows, JezuzJ2

UnRationaL, ScummN, HusKerrs, iSmixie

ItsEyeQew, PicNickBasket, BasedGodXenon, Pinkuhfy

Blazt, Slacked, Intechs, HeyLovely

JoeWo, bbreadman, Emsage, Hmay

BrittneyRaines, SuperEvan, Fifakill, Stukawaki

Schedule and How to Watch

The event kicks off at 3pm ET tonight, May 3rd. You can watch on the NYSL Twitch Channel, or your favourite competitor will also stream their POV.

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