How To Watch Florida Mutineers’ $25,000 Warzone Duos Pro-Am Tournament

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How To Watch Florida Mutineers’ $25,000 Warzone Duos Pro-Am Tournament

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone tournament is being run by a professional team, and there's some serious cash on the line

The Florida Mutineers’ announced their $25,000 Pro-Am tournament around a month ago. After three weeks of qualifiers, we’re finally at the Grand Final event. A number of aspiring professionals, streamers and current Call of Duty League pros all entered the qualifiers and have earned their place in the finals


The tournament will feature 10 Pro-Am teams and eight teams from the qualifiers. While all the teams haven't been announced yet, we know that popular streamers such as TFue and Aydan are set to participate. The tournament is expected to implement a Warzone Wednesday style head-to-head kill race format. This means that teams will join the same game and play a squads match, the team which archives the highest kills over two matches will win and progress onto the next round.

The Florida Mutineers’ $25,000 Pro-Am kicks off tonight at 5 PM EDT and will feature some of the biggest warzone streamers. However, it will also feature celebrities such as Seth Curry and Mighty Mouse, so look out for underdogs such as them. You can watch the tournament on the Mutineers’ Twitch channel, but your favorite competitor will also be streaming their POV.

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