How To Watch Minnesota ROKKR’s $5K Co-ed Warzone Tournament

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How To Watch Minnesota ROKKR’s $5K Co-ed Warzone Tournament

Minnesota ROKKR hosts their $5K Warzone event tonight.

Warzone tournaments are coming thick and fast, tonight we see Minnesota ROKKR host a 2v2, $5K Prize pool Co-ed tournament, seeing some of the best go head-to-head. Here’s everything you need to know.


Tonight's Minnesota ROKKR co-ed Warzone tournament sees duos featuring one man and one woman face off in a double-elimination, 2v2 bracket. The standard 2v2 Kill Race rules will be used as the teams fight for the $5K Prize.


  • Smixie & Newbz
  • Blazt & Kalei
  • Almond & Queen Shadows
  • MiDNiTE & Diamond_Sota
  • Shmoople & DonChamp
  • Kayla & Grits
  • Mocha & xRuBzzz
  • ShawnJgaming & DJMas
  • Lovely & Luvey
  • oHailnah & Rated
  • Angeel & Fxzzn
  • Holly & Mayappo
  • itGabby & Scoop3s
  • Kenzosey & Stukawaki
  • QueenBitty & zSmit
  • FivebyFive & BabyDillster
  • Astra & TheHoffStache
  • OverGirl & Xamazah
  • Daniu & Aydan
  • Brittney & Tommey
  • NotShay & Flanked
  • Jessie & SuperEvan

Schedule & How to Watch

Minnesota ROKKR’s $5K Warzone tournament kicks off at 2 PM ET today and will likely last around six hours. You can watch on Minnesota ROKKR’s YouTube Channel, or your favorite competitor will be streaming their POV.

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