How to Watch €50K ‘Trials of Ashika’ Warzone Tournament

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How to Watch €50K ‘Trials of Ashika’ Warzone Tournament

The first Ashika Island Warzone 2 Tournament is finally here with the Trials of Ashika.

Ashika Island came to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on February 15th, and just two weeks later, we get to see the first high-stakes tournament on the new small map. This tournament is called ‘Trials of Ashika’, a €50K resurgence kill race tournament featuring players from Europe and the Middle East, hosted by Call of Duty themselves. Here’s all the info you need, including the format, teams and schedule.

Trials of Ashika Format

Trials of Ashika will see 16 of the best duos from Europe and the Middle East battle it out on Ashika Island in a resurgence kill race, trying to take the €50K prize pool. €10K of this prize pool will be set aside for the Group Stage, with the remaining €40K staying for the Finals.

Trials of Ashika Teams

Group A

  • Veyla & Xhankyy
  • Moonryde & Jezuzjrr
  • JaxStyle & GET_RIGHT
  • Flexz & MethodzSick
  • Miniuwa & Janowicz
  • CPentagon & Fuzzn
  • Chow1 & Iheedz
  • BeCoolGamer & DaddyMadu

Group B

  • Fifakill & Jukeyz
  • Donkaalijn & Angelika
  • Phyzikk & Ayzen
  • Kayzahr & Riirex
  • DieserkingPhil & Stylerz
  • Emzia & Thomaspaste
  • Move_Mind & Suedzz
  • Punkill & Mizitw

Trials of Ashika Schedule

The tournament kicks off today, February 28th at 12pm ET and will span over three days, concluding on March 2nd. Every day of the tournament will begin at 12pm ET, and you can watch the full stream with casters on Call of Duty’s Twitch Channel.

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