CoD: How To Watch Dallas Empire’s $100K Warzone Heist

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CoD: How To Watch Dallas Empire’s $100K Warzone Heist

Another $100K Tourney is here, this time hosted by the Dallas Empire.

Tonight Dallas Empire kick off yet another $100K Warzone tournament. This one is a little different as it spans over two days, and features many small challenges to earn some extra cash.


Dallas Empire’s $100K Warzone Heist features a format over 2 days. Day 1 sees the duos compete in a kill race qualifier over three hours for qualification for Day 2. This day also features challenges that players can complete in order to earn some extra cash.

The list of challenges that can earn players extra cash at the event including $1000 for 1st highest kill count, $600 for 2nd highest kill count, $1500 for a solo in-air sniper kill from a helicopter and $1000 for a squad wipe with a helicopter

Day 2 sees the qualified teams compete in a double elim best of three bracket. This will feature the normal 2v2 kill race action we normally see, and will end with one team taking the biggest share of the $100K.


The full teams are yet to be announced for the tournament, however we can expect to see the best of the best such as Tommey, Rated, Aydan, Almond and many more.

Schedule and How to Watch

Dallas Empire’s $100K Warzone Heist kicks off at 1PM ET today and tomorrow. You can watch on the Call of Duty Twitch Channel, or your favorite competitor will also bej streaming their POV.

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