How to Watch Boom.TV $15K Warzone Trios Tournament

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How to Watch Boom.TV $15K Warzone Trios Tournament

The best players in the world return for another Warzone tournament.

The Call of Duty news publisher Charlie Intel is teaming up with Boom.TV tonight for a $15K Warzone tournament. Here’s the format and how to watch all the action.


This $15K Warzone tournament will see 40 Trios go head-to-head in six Warzone private matches. This is the new favorite format for Warzone competitions and allows for the most even playing field. $7,500 will go to the first place trio, as teams will earn a point per kill with a multiplier for their final placement in the match.


The full list of teams is yet to be released, however, we know that players such as Tommey, Skrapz and Jukeyz will all be competing.

Schedule and How to Watch

The event gets underway at 2 pm ET today and can be watched on the Boom.TV Twitch Channel, while all competitors will also stream their POV.

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