How To Watch $30K Fnatic Moonryde Warzone Invitational

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How To Watch $30K Fnatic Moonryde Warzone Invitational

Fnatic host their first Warzone tournament, bringing some of the best EU players along.

Today, Fnatic host their first Warzone tournament in the form of their Moonryde Invitational. This tournament sees the best players in Europe come together, but there's a massive twist.


The Moonryde Invitational features a very interesting format. First of all, this is a Quads private match kill race. This means that teams will earn points for eliminations, but also placement. However, to promote more attacking playstyles, there is a kill multiplier too, so it’s not all about placing first.

Secondly, the tournament features a Show Match halfway through. This sees the players load into another match, but the only weapons that can be used are Bolt Action Snipers, along with your fists.


The full list of participating teams is yet to be revealed, however we know to expect the best of the best in Europe. That includes players such as Jukeyz, Fifakill, WarsZ, Recrent, Ubica, and many more.

Schedule and How to Watch

Fnatic’s Moonryde Invitational begins at 11am ET today and will finish at 3pm ET. You can watch on Fnatic’s Twitch Channel, or your favorite competitor will be streaming their POV.

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