How to Watch $25K Rokkr Arms Race Black Ops Cold War Tournament

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How to Watch $25K Rokkr Arms Race Black Ops Cold War Tournament

The Minnesota Rokkr are the next in line to host a Black Ops Cold War tournament, however, this one has a slight twist.

In the third tournament in as many days, the Minnesota Rokkr will be hosting the Rokkr Arms Race. A Black Ops Cold War tournament with a different format to what we usually see, but the CDL fundamentals are still there.


The Rokkr Arms Race will feature a “promod” format. A promod format mandates that a specific number of players per team must use specific weapon categories. The restrictions for this tournament require teams to use: one AR, one SMG, one Sniper, one LMG, one Marksman Rifle and one Shotgun. There will be eight teams of six who will compete in a best of five, single-elimination bracket for $25K. UAV’s and Sentry Guns will be banned but all other streaks are allowed.


Full teams for the Rokkr Arms Race haven’t been announced yet, however, we know the eight captains for tonight along with five full teams.

Team Censor

  • Censor
  • Aydan
  • Standy
  • Clayster
  • Zooma
  • Mack


  • x2Pac
  • iReedr
  • SiLLY
  • Assault
  • Vivid

Team Crowder

  • Crowder
  • DiazBiffle
  • Merk
  • Cellium
  • aBeZy
  • Arcitys

Team Pamaj

  • Pamaj
  • Studdy
  • TheMLGImpulse
  • Attach
  • MajorManiak
  • Apathy

Team Rallied

  • Rallied
  • MuTeX
  • FeLo
  • Simp
  • Envoy
  • Blazt

Additional captains

  • Vikkstar
  • Hitch
  • Nameless

Schedule and How to Watch

Minnesota Rokkr’s Rokkr Arms Race begins at 3 PM ET and will be streamed on the Call of Duty League YouTube Channel. This stream will be casted by CDL casters Miles Ross and Chace, but if you prefer to follow a team more closely players will be streaming their own POV.

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