How to Unlock Backstabber Medal and Shadow Blade Operator Skill in COD Mobile

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How to Unlock Backstabber Medal and Shadow Blade Operator Skill in COD Mobile

Everything you need to know to unlock the Shadow Blade Op Skill and Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile.

If you're a Call of Duty series fan, there's a high chance you know about medals.

Medals are received when you perform tasks. Every time you perform a certain set of tasks you get rewarded with a medal. These can be displayed on your profile, which not only looks cool, but also makes sure other players know your skills and achievements.

The latest COD Mobile Season 4, Wild Dogs, came in with a new seasonal challenge — Flank and Shank. Completing the seasonal challenge will reward players with a new weapon Kali Sticks and a new Mil-Sim – Crash Down operator, plus more. Players need to acquire the Backstabber Medal and Shadow Blade Operator Skill to complete the seasonal challenge. Here are the steps to unlock the Backstabber medal and Shadow Blade Operator Skill.

How to Unlock the Backstabber Medal

CODM Back stabber Medal

As mentioned before, medals are rewards received after players perform specific tasks. To get the Backstabber Medal, players need to kill an enemy from behind with a melee weapon equipped.

How to Unlock the Shadow Blade Operator Skill

CODM Shadow Blade Operator Skill

Operator Skills are an important part of a player's loadout in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer mode. Operator Skills recharge over time and can be equipped for a limited time to kill enemies. Operator Skills are a bit overpowered when compared to weapons. If you kill enemies you recharge your operator skills faster. You can only equip only one operator skill at a time in a loadout.

To unlock the Shadow Blade Operator Skill, players need to head to the credit store and can purchase the Shadow Blade Operator Skill. Here are the complete steps to acquire Shadow Blade Operator Skill:

  1. Open Call of Duty: Mobile on your device.
  2. Click on the Loadout icon on the main menu of the game.
  3. Then go to the operator skills equip menu.
  4. Find the Shadow Blade Operator Skill and click on acquire button.
  5. It will redirect you to the in-game credit store where you can buy the operator skill for 2000 credits.
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