How To Pre-Load Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War On PS4, Xbox & PC

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How To Pre-Load Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War On PS4, Xbox & PC

With the Black Ops Cold War release nearly upon us, Activision is letting players pre-load the game so you can play as soon as November 13 hits.

As games get bigger, pre-loading is a crucial part of many fans' experiences. When a game releases at a certain time, you want to play at that time and pre-loading is the best way of doing that. Here’s how to pre-load and when it can be done on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.


PlayStation pre-loading is set to begin on Thursday, November 5. This means that all PS4 players who digitally pre-ordered the game will be able to download the game and have it installed ready to launch as soon as it releases. Black Ops Cold War is set to have multiple content packs, with Campaign, Zombies and Multiplayer all being a different pack. This allows you to only install the game modes that you wish to play, so if you’re not a campaign fan, or if you’ve finished the campaign you can uninstall and save yourself a reported 42.9GB of space.


Activision is yet to confirm the pre-load date for Xbox players. However, if we look at the schedule from Modern Warfare then we can expect it to be around November 5 or 6, the same as PlayStation. The Microsoft store lists BOCW as a 100GB download but this is possibly just a placeholder and will most likely be around 70-80GB when the pre-load starts.

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Black Ops Cold War can be exclusively downloaded on for PC players. As with Xbox, Activision has not given us a pre-load time yet. Last year the pre-load went live around three to four days before launch, so we expect the same to happen for BOCW and the pre-load to go live around November 9 or 10. Activision has announced the full file size for Black Ops Cold War on PC, with it being 175GB for the entire game and 50GB for Multiplayer alone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches on Friday, November 13 on all platforms. With just over a week to go, we still java information such as progression to be announced, so keep a lookout for any new info Treyarch reveals.

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