How To Play Call of Duty Mobile With A Controller

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How To Play Call of Duty Mobile With A Controller

A guide to help players who fancy playing with controllers.

Call of Duty Mobile has been one of the most popular mobile games since its release in October, 2019. The game keeps adding impressive numbers to its player base and the title’s growth is astounding. With the addition of newer players in the game, the competition in Call of Duty Mobile is fierce and players want to get good at the game. Although most players are comfortable playing with touch controls using their mobile screens, many prefer using controllers.

Activision was quick to listen to the player base and introduced controller support soon after the game’s launch. As of now, the COD Mobile supports official controllers of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It also supports other official controllers of PlayStation, except for the first edition. Although Activision said that they would include other controllers with future updates, there isn’t any hint of such an update.

Acitivison has clearly mentioned that players using controllers to play the game will get a match with other controller players only. This will make sure matchmaking is even.

Connecting The Controller

The controller connection screen, showing a generic handheld video game controller on a black screen with the word "connecting" and the instructions "Please turn on the Bluetooth mode of the Controller and pair it with your phone." written beneath

You can pair your phone with the controllers using Bluetooth. Some phones also support wired connections. Here are the steps:

  • Enable pairing on your controller. PlayStation controller users have to hold the Share and PS button at the same time. Xbox users have to hold the Xbox and Sync button together.
  • You now have to enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • Now head over to your mobile Bluetooth settings, search for “wireless controller” and connect to it.

The Call of Duty Mobile settings screen, showing the box "Allow to use controller" checked within the "Connect Controller" menu

  • Open Call of Duty Mobile on your paired device, go to Settings and select the Controller tab from the top.
  • Under the tab enable “Allow to use controller”.

The Call of Duty Mobile settings, showing the "Key Description" menu, which features a diagram of a controller and buttons which can be programmed to perform certain game functions

You can also set your own keys for each command on your controller. Follow the above image to know the different functions of each button on your controller.

Important Notes

Although the developers have allowed the use of controllers for players, Acitivison has made sure that their use does not disrupt the game and experience of the players. There are few important points to note before you use a controller.

  • Although Activision has mentioned the use of Xbox One and PlayStation controllers, players can also use third party controllers. However, some functionality may not work with them.
  • Controllers are only useful during a match and players cannot use it while doing any other activity in the game. For example, browsing through the main menu or changing the outfits and loadout are only possible with the device’s touch controls. So players need to connect the controller after they have entered the match and they need to switch to controller support in the Settings menu manually.
  • Players who use controllers will face other controller players even though they are on a team with others who are not using the controller.
  • Using a controller will get players banned is a common myth which circles around the internet. However, it is not true and using controllers is perfectly safe as mentioned by Activision themselves.

Featured Images: Activision

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