How to Make Players ‘Lengthy’ in FIFA 23 – Best Lengthy Players

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How to Make Players ‘Lengthy’ in FIFA 23 – Best Lengthy Players

Here’s how the Lengthy stat works in FIFA 23 and how you can add it to players.

With a brand new FIFA, of course, some new features come to the game. This year's brand new addition is the running styles. FIFA 23 features three different running styles that a player may possess, with Lengthy being by far the most useful for some strikers, and almost every defender in the game. 

What Pace Type is Lengthy

Lengthy players will start off slow; however, after getting up to speed, they will far pass their pace statistic, and can catch up to any player no matter their pace stat. There are a few attributes that a player needs to meet to become lengthy. First, you’ll need to visit the attribute page of your player and look out for the following stats:

Strength: >= 65

Strength – Agility: >= 14

Acceleration: >= 55

Height: >= 174cm (5’9”)

If a player meets these requirements, they will have a Lengthy running style. While some of these stats may seem confusing, such as a player needing to be tall to get this running type, this allows the taller, stockier players with lower pace to be more viable in-game. A real-life example of this would be Haaland; while it takes him time to accelerate, he is one of the fastest players on the pitch when reaching full stride.

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How to Make Players Lengthy

Chemistry styles can be used to change a players strength statistic, and therefore allow them to meet the requirements to be a Lengthy player. This can be done using Chemistry Styles such as Architect and Sentinel, which both increase the strength stat of a player. A great tool for this is FutWiz, which allows you to see the stat increases when putting a certain chem style on a player, and this will tell you if this has any effect on that player's running style.

Lewandowski Stats

Here we can see Lewandowski’s statistics on FutWiz. At the bottom, it shows you which chemistry styles affect his AcceleRATE (Running Style), and change it to either Lengthy or Controlled.

Top 10 Lengthy Players

These are the top 10 naturally Lengthy players in FIFA 23. While some players may perform better when altered, they can be purchased from the Transfer Market or packed and used without chemistry styles as they naturally have the Lengthy running style.

Virgil Van Dijk (CB)

Kyle Walker (RB)

Fabinho (CDM)

Denis Zakaria (CM)

Erling Haaland (ST)

Christian Gunter (LB)

Tammy Abraham (ST)

Dusan Vlahovic (ST)

Romelu Lukaku (ST)

Lengthy v Controlled v Explosive

The Lengthy running style is generally seen as the best and most overpowered of them all in FIFA 23. Lengthy players have slow acceleration but a higher pace when reaching full speed. Controlled players have more balance, with a steady acceleration and a slower rise in speed. Finally, Explosive players will start with incredible acceleration and are quick off the block, however, their overall speed won't increase much after that. 

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Due to this, it may be a good idea to pair strikers with different running styles, allowing for some variation in your attacks.

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