How to Make Money Gaming

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How to Make Money Gaming

First things first, build an awesome gaming brand!

A well-rounded branding strategy is important for any industry, so how could we forget about it for our gaming channels. There is no denying that gaming brands can be very profitable, but like any other business, building a solid brand is essential to build trust among your audience. Want to know how to make money gaming? Hold on to this post!

Having an established brand can lift you up from the crowd. Competition is fierce, everyone wants to become a famous gamer and live from it. So, what are you doing to make this happen for you that others are not?

About the Industry

What does branding in the gaming industry look like? The gaming industry is now bigger than the movies and music industries combined! It is undeniably one of the most profitable industries for 2020!

The average Twitch streamer earns closer to $10,000 to $40,000 per year

So how to proceed? When marketing games, knowing your marketing 101 is not enough. Because this is a relatively new business, there are a few things we must do differently. Start by getting to know your audience and dazzle them with what you know they will love.

In this case, a market study won’t do it, you have to get involved in other ways to have a  clear understanding of your audience. How old are they? What are their interests? At what time are they logging in? You can visit popular game blogs to retrieve some of this information.

Your gaming logo design is the presentation card you are giving your viewers at first sight. Therefore, your design should really matter. No worries if you are an awesome gamer but your design skills are not quite there yet. You will want to hear about this:

Using an online gaming logo maker you can create a professional logo right in your browser. There are many tools to try this, such as Placeit that you can use to create a logo. Keep in mind that you should create a logo that is super recognizable, that represents yourself, and that is unique. Think about your brand’s colors and what your main graphic represents.

If you want to give it a little extra twist you can also use this tool to make animated logos. What’s more eye-catching than an awesome, moving, logo animation in your channels!

Establish Your Brand’s Personality

When establishing your brand you have to come up with your brand’s fonts, style, the color palette you will use on everything, your main color, and accent colors. A brand is more than the logo you play under. To connect with your audience on a more emotional level you have to make your personal brand more human to them. Brands are no longer supposed to be untouchable.

Once you become a known player with your brand, then you can seek the attention of gamer hunters out there to start making money and this is what you could land:

How to Make Money Playing Video Games:

1. Expand Your Channels

Open your YouTube channel, your blog, your social media. You can post about games, give tips, recommendations, gaming tutorials, hacks, and more. Think about PewDiePie!

You can make a lot of money from ads on YouTube. To get ads, you need to become a YouTube partner, which requires the following:

  • Having more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • More than 1,000 subscribers

Blogging is also a big opportunity! You can make all kinds of arrangements if you become a known gaming writer.

2. Get Sponsored

Laying a sponsorship can get you cash, product, or other facilities to keep playing!

3. Become a Twitch Partner

Twitch streamers can make big money! To become a partner you must:

  • Have at least 500 minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • 3 viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • At least 50 Followers

4. Compete in Tournaments

Find out which are the events this year, there is plenty of information online, and chose a tournament to enroll in. Focus on one single event and give it your everything!

5. Become a Video Game Tester

As you get more famous, you can attract the attention of the right people and a job testing video games!

6. Become a Game Developer

Why not make your own game? If you’ve played enough by now and feel like you could know how to make a killer new game, then give it a try!

7. Get on an Esports Team

That’s right! Teams are also constantly hunting good gamers to add them to their team! So keep looking good out there. This is an estimate of earning depending on each game:

However, don’t get confused by this graph, the best you can do is focus on a single game and get really good at it. Still, if you are not good enough yet, you can work some other jobs around esports like hosting esports events, coaching other online players, streaming and commentating on esports matches, acting as a referee, social media manager for a team or game producer, and I’m sure there are many more options.


8. Make Branded Merch

Take advantage of your brand and make merch to promote it. You can sell all kinds of products featuring your new logo. T-shirts, hoodies, hats, art prints and more! Don’t worry though making this is easier than you think. Use t-shirt mockups to make images with your design and post them everywhere.


To Wrap It Up

The gaming industry is quite big and competition gets even bigger each year. To stand out from the crowd and start making money you need a solid brand or your own. For starters you new a fresh new logo to represent you, then you can brand all your channels using your image. Find in this post a few ways you can start making money once you have a brand that has the power to attract new followers!

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