How To Increase Inventory Space In Return To Moria

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How To Increase Inventory Space In Return To Moria

Running low on inventory space? We got you covered! Here are the ways you can increase your inventory space in Return to Moria.

In your adventure through Khazad-dûm in Return To Moria, the quest to uncover every hidden secret within the depths is difficult. Along the way, you'll accumulate various items, each essential for your journey. This is precisely why the size of your inventory becomes increasingly vital as you progress in the game.

Your inventory space in the beginning is rather limited. This limitation can significantly hamper your ability to collect, store, and utilize the multitude of items that await you in the expansive world of Moria. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to increasing your inventory space, ultimately allowing you to accumulate a wealth of rare and valuable resources.

How To Increase Inventory Space in Return To Moria

Increasing inventory space will require you to complete a couple of steps first. You have to first unlock the workbench which has to be done through collecting various crafting items.

Unlocking the Workbench 

As you journey through the main story, you need to first unlock the workbench. To acquire the backpack, progress until you gain access to the workbench. Craft it using Elven Wood, obtained by cutting down trees. The workbench is a versatile tool for crafting various equipment such as hats, bows, and backpacks.

Start at The Western Halls, the game's initial area, and keep an eye out for an Elf Statue, a cue to embark on a quest leading to a Forge. Near this Forge, there are trees to chop down for Elven Wood. Crafting a Workbench requires 2 Iron Ingots and 15 Elven Wood. Iron Ingots can be collected during the tutorial or by locating red marks on cave walls.

How To Increase Inventory Space In Return To Moria
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Crafting The Adventurer’s Pack

Once the Workbench is built, you can create Adventurer’s Packs to expand your inventory. To make these, gather 8 Hides. Initially, hunt creatures like deer or stags in the Elven Area to obtain Hides. As you progress, unlock the Loom recipe to transform Hide Scraps into Hides using the Loom bench.

Beginning with 10 inventory slots, you can expand to a maximum of 25 slots. To reach the maximum capacity, gather a total of 120 Hides. Though it might seem like a daunting task, as you progress in the game, collecting these Hides will become more manageable.

How to Obtain Hide in Return To Moria

As we mentioned before, to craft an Adventurer's Pack, you'll require 8 Hide. Hide is a somewhat elusive resource within Return To Moria. There are two primary methods to acquire it:

Hunting animals

This method is most effective in the early game, when you are in the Elven Quarters. There are many animals in this area, such as deer, bears, and hriwara, which all drop Hide when killed. Each animal drop yields 1-2 Hide, so it is relatively quick to gather enough for a backpack.

To hunt animals, you can use a variety of weapons, such as bows, spears, and swords. If you are new to the game, it is best to start with a bow or spear, as these weapons allow you to keep your distance from the animals.

Once you have killed an animal, be sure to loot its corpse for Hide. You can also loot other animal resources, such as meat and bones, which can be used for crafting and other purposes.

Crafting Hide from Hide Scraps

This method becomes available later in the game, once you have reached the Crystal Descent location. Upon reaching the bottom of the Descent, you will unlock a Loom, enabling the combination of Hide Scraps into full Hides. Hide Scraps are notably more common, simplifying the process of accumulating Hide significantly.

To unlock the Loom recipe, you need to complete the storyline to the end of Western Halls.The Loom allows you to combine 10 Hide Scraps and 1 Resin to create 1 Hide. Hide Scraps are much more common than Hide, so this method is more efficient for gathering Hide in the long run.

To obtain Hide Scraps, you can loot them from smaller animals, such as wolves. You can also find Hide Scraps in chests and other containers. Once you have gathered enough Hide Scraps and Resin, you can craft Hide at the Loom.

Boost Your Inventory Space In No Time!

Utilizing either of these approaches, you can easily amass enough Hide to craft an Adventurer's Pack. This, in turn, increases inventory space, solving your problem of low inventory space to collect materials. Whether through hunting or utilizing the Loom, you have to ensure that you have ample Hide for an inventory expansion.

Expanding your inventory size in Lords of The Rings: Return To Moria is crucial early on. By increasing your inventory space, you can efficiently manage and carry more items simultaneously, streamlining your resource management. Happy hunting!

How To Increase Inventory Space In Return To Moria
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