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Arnab Baidya
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How to get Decoy Grenade in COD Mobile Season 11

The new Decoy Grenade, a spherical, metallic grenade, available in CoD Mobile appears against a yellow background
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The addition of Decoy Grenade will bring a lot of meta changes to player's loadouts.

Activision has recently added a new seasonal challenge called “Board of Honor” that will allow players to get Decoy Grenade for free by completing the simple tasks. The Decoy Grenade is a tactical weapon that can be used to confuse enemies; deploying the grenade stimulates fake gunfire and radar signatures. If you want to add it to your loadout, we breakdown how.

How to get the Decoy Grenade

In order to unlock the Decoy Grenade, players need to complete the Seasonal Challenge “Board of Honor.” All challenges are required to be completed in the Multiplayer Mode of Call of Duty: Mobile, and here's a list of all of them:

  1. Use Operator Skills ten times in MP Ranked Matches –  x200 Credits and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  2. Kill 15 Enemies with Operator Skills in MP Ranked Matches – Baseball Bat (Greenrock) and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  3. Use Scorestreaks ten times in MP Ranked Matches – Fennec (Greenrock) and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  4. Kill 20 enemies with Scorestreaks in MP Matches – x10 Weapon XP Cards and x2000 Battle Pass XP
  5. Kill 25 enemies with Sentry Gun in MP Ranked Matches – Blood Shot and x2000 Battle Pass XP
  6. Earn the Crackdown Medal 15 times in MP Ranked Matches – Decoy Grenade and x5 New Year Token
  7. Win 2 MP Ranked Matches – AS VAL – Jubilee and x3000 Battle Pass XP
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Complete all the challenges to add the Decoy Grenade to your loadout!

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