How to Get D13 Sector in COD Mobile Season 11

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How to Get D13 Sector in COD Mobile Season 11

Get ready to get some amazing kill cams via the D13 Sector.

Call of Duty: Mobile has different varieties of arsenal ranging from Automatic Rifles to secondary Rocket Launchers, and Activision actively keeps on adding new weapons to the game. COD Mobile Season 11 is no different as two new weapons have been introduced, including PKM LMG and D13 Sector.

Among these, D13 Sector is added to the secondary weapon roster of the game. It is quite a different weapon than the others, as instead of shooting bullets, D13 Sector shoots disks that kill the opponent and can also bounce off a surface.

If this unique launcher has your attention and you want to add it to your loadout, you can grab it for free by completing the seasonal challenge.

How to get D13 Sector for free in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11

You can unlock D13 Sector in COD Mobile Season 11 by completing the “Disc of Doom” Seasonal Challenge. You will have to complete the following missions in order to unlock this secondary weapon.

  1. Land in Bus Station three times in Battle Royale matches
  2. Kill ten enemies at Bus Station in Battle Royale matches
  3. Use Armor plates five times in Battle Royale matches
  4. Open three Airdrops in Battle Royale matches
  5. Kill ten enemies with a customised weapon from your loadout in Battle Royale matches
  6. Place in the Top Three in Battle Royale matches once

Here is the list of rewards you'll receive after completing all of the tasks listed above:

  • x5 Weapon XP cards and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  • x200 Credits and x1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Ninja – Greenrock and x2000 Battle Pass XP
  • x15 Weapon XP cards and x2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Chilled Coil Frame and x5 New Year Token
  • D13 Sector and x3000 Battle Pass XP

D13 Sector can kill an enemy with a single shot, although if the opponents lineup in front of you while shooting, you can also hit collateral shots.

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