How to Fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24

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How to Fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24

Having trouble submitting SBCs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? Find out how to fix the Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24

The EA FC 24 Black Friday bash is in full swing in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. Loads of SBC challenges are up for grabs, offering sweet rewards like packs, Thunderstruck icons, player picks, and many other amazing treats. Things don't always go smoothly, however, as some players have complained about difficulties when submitting SBCs. If you are wondering how to fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24, this should be a helpful read.

How to Fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24?

SBC errors are nothing new to Ultimate Team players, however. Players had their fair share of SBC woes during the FIFA 23 days when Chemistry changes were the usual suspects. The same thing can happen in FC 24 as well, but it could also be a bug issue.

EA FC 24 has not been immune to bugs since making its grand debut in September. To address these complications, EA Sports has rolled out five title updates so far. The first pair of updates, Title Update 1 and Title Update 2, aimed to rectify stability problems that caused frequent game crashes. Subsequent Title Updates have prioritized tackling gameplay-related glitches. For instance, Title Update 4 specifically targeted and resolved the calf dribble glitch, which was causing disruptions during matches.

The โ€œFailed to Submit Challenge SBC Errorโ€ is a new problem that has caught the attention of the Ultimate Team community. As of writing, EA Sports has not released any update targeting this particular problem. Even though there is no official fix at this time, we've discovered a simple workaround to resolve this problem.

How to Fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24

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To resolve the “Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error” encountered while attempting to submit an SBC on PC or console, follow these steps:

  • Log out of your Ultimate Team account on the game.
  • Sign in to your UT account using the Companion App.
  • Attempt to submit the SBC through the Companion App; you should be able to complete the process without facing any issues.

Ensure that your game and the Companion App are completely up-to-date before performing these steps.

What if you face the same problem in the Companion App? In that case, log out of the Companion App and sign in to your UT account on your PC or console. Try submitting the SBC, and it is likely to go through smoothly.

Other Solutions

If logging out from the PC/console and logging in with the Companion App, or vice versa, doesn't resolve the issue, consider these steps:

  • Check the squad's chemistry points. Aiming for higher chemistry points becomes crucial as the squad becomes more intricate.
  • Double-check the SBC requirements. Sometimes, overlooking a small detail can result in an incomplete SBC.
  • Try logging in and out of your UT account on the same device to troubleshoot the problem.

By examining these factors and making necessary adjustments, you may successfully fix the โ€œFailed to Submit Challenge SBC Error.โ€

How to Fix Failed to Submit Challenge SBC Error in EA FC 24
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