How To Earn Exclusive Black Ops Cold War Item Drops From The CDL

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How To Earn Exclusive Black Ops Cold War Item Drops From The CDL

Drops are back, but this year they're even easier to get ahold of.

Last year the Call of Duty League gave us access to special in-game drops for watching the CDL matches through their website. This year they're doing the same, however, account integration with YouTube has arrived, making it much easier to receive the drops.

How to Link Accounts

To receive the drops, you'll need to link your Activision account with your YouTube account. To link your accounts, head to this link and follow the steps. Doing this will integrate your Activision account with your YouTube, allowing them to see your watch time for the events.

Stage One Rewards

For watching Stage One of the 2021 Call of Duty League season, you’ll receive the drops in the image below.

An image featuring a bunch of drops Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War players can receive from watching Call of Duty League CDL games, including weapon charms, calling cards, emblems and double exp buffs

Along with new emblems, charms and calling cards, players will also receive exclusive Double XP boosts for watching the CDL matches.

The Call of Duty League kicks off on February 11 with the Atlanta FaZe Home Series.

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