How to Defend in EA FC 24: Top Tips

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How to Defend in EA FC 24: Top Tips

Despite the name change, some things have remained unchanged. Knowing how to defend in EA FC 24, in fact, remains one of the most important things to know and learn, right from the start, especially if your goal is to play online. In the online mode, in fact, you will find true veterans of the series and players who spend much of their time fine-tuning their skills in the game. For this reason, knowing how to defend in EA FC 24 will be very useful for you to win matches.

EA FC 24 how to improve defending skills

Since defense is probably the most important thing in order to win matches, in this article, we have decided to show you some top tips that you should follow if you want to improve your defense skills. By following these tips and with a little practice, in fact, you will be able to improve more and more and give your opponents a hard time who will have to work hard to score a goal for you.

Be careful with your tackles

Instinctively, the first thing you do to try to steal the ball from your opponent in EA FC 24 is to run after him to try to make a tackle. This strategy, however, is by no means one of the best. In fact, if you decide to adopt it, not only will you risk committing fouls and getting crucial players for your team warned (or even expelled) if you don't have the right timing, but above all you will leave your position exposed.

By doing so, if your tackle is not successful, you will leave a huge space for your opponents who will be able to use it to attack you and try to score. Consequently, do not use the teckle as your first countermeasure, but always try to study the positioning of your opponents well and, based on the position on the pitch, try to stall or double your lead, and then steal the ball and start on the counterattack.

Time your tackles

Directly related to the advice we gave you above, it is important that when you decide to sink your tackle, you do so with the right timing. In fact, although you don't have to run around the field chasing your opponents to use a tackle, it still remains a useful defensive move, when used at the right time and with the right timing.

In fact, to perform a winning tackle, the most important thing to take into account is timing. Don't constantly press the button corresponding to perform tackles continuously, as it is certainly not one of the best things to do to defend in EA FC 24, as you will leave spaces between one tackle and another that your opponent can use to dribble past you and go away.

Instead, try to find the right moment to sink your tackle by studying your opponent's progress. As soon as you see that you have the chance and you are sure you can do it, sink your tackle. It goes without saying, however, that in the event that there is a counterattack and you are outnumbered and the tackle is the only way to stop the attack, do it and don't think much about the right moment. Better to spend a foul than have to recover a goal.

how to defend ea fc 24

Use the Jockey button

Using the Jockey button while you are in a retreat and running backwards is absolutely something you should do if you want to learn how to defend in EA FC 24. In this way, in fact, you will be able to control the pace of your run and adapt it to that of your opponent, in such a way as to wait for him to make a mistake and steal the ball.

To do this, however, you will have to be close to your opponent, otherwise, you will have no way to take advantage of this EA FC 24 defending technique. As soon as you see that your opponent is about to hesitate and commit even the slightest of errors, take advantage of this option and steal the ball from him to start your offensive maneuver.

Player switching

Another useful tip to know how to defend in EA FC 24 is to change players. This technique, in fact, is crucial to becoming excellent defenders. However, you will have to learn to choose the most appropriate player to change. How to do it? It's actually not that difficult, it just takes a little practice.

Most of you will know that switching players using the dedicated buttons will allow you to have control of the player marked with the small white arrow above his head. This, however, is not always so effective, because it is likely to make you change with a player who is not actually functional to the action you are experiencing. For this reason, you will have to choose which player to take control of.

In fact, with the use of the right stick, you will be able to direct your choice in the direction of the player you most desire and who is best suited to a given situation. In this way, therefore, you will have more control of your defensive phase, which will certainly be useful for learning how to defend in EA FC 24.


As a final tip for learning how to defend in EA FC 24, we have decided to advise you to be patient. We know, when you are playing and you have the adrenaline of the match, especially if it is an important one, you can have the urge to run with your defenders and try to recover the ball immediately. However, this strategy, more often than not, does not pay off and can even result in conceding a goal.

For this reason, our advice is to be patient. Also, don't control your central defenders yourself, but try to have control over your midfielders and let the EA FC 24 AI do the initial defending phase, as your defenders are more likely to maintain the right position this way. Furthermore, based on how the match is progressing, you can also ask your attackers to move back when they are not in possession to implement an initial defensive manoeuvre.

how to defend ea fc 24

How to Defend in EA FC 24: Top Tips
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