How to Claim Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Launch Celebration Twitch Rewards

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How to Claim Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Launch Celebration Twitch Rewards

It's finally here. Call of Duty Warzone's Mobile Global Launch is finally live, and players have 36 hours to claim some sweet rewards. Here's how.

In honor of Global Launch Day, Activision is hosting a 36-hour Celebration stream for Call of Duty Warzone. Helping them celebrate the occasion are over 150 Call of Duty streamers and content creators across North America, Latin America, Europe, and APAC, like TimTheTatman, Bobby Plays FaZe Swagg, and Machika.

Day 1 of the Celebration stream will just be content creators getting their bearings, but on Day 2, streamers will dive into Operation Day Zero. Currently, players can jump into Verdansk Airport and Downtown, but Activision will be revealing four additional zones during the Day Zero part of the celebration stream.

Here are all the rewards you can obtain by watching the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Launch Celebration stream!

By tuning in for four hours, players can nab some sweet rewards to kickstart their Call of Duty Warzone journey on the right foot. Here's what you can obtain:

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15-minute view time: 1 Hour Rank XP Token
30-minute view time: 1 Hour Weapon XP Token
45 minutes view time: 1 Hour Battle Pass Token
1 hour view time: Day Zero Player Card
2 hours view time: Day Zero Player Charm
3 hours view time: Day Zero Longbow
4 hours view time: Konig – Vapor skin

You can earn these drops by watching the celebration stream on the official Call of Duty Twitch YouTube channels or any eligible streamers that have enabled drops. You can also watch the stream on TikTok, but that won't get you any drops.

Make sure you link your Activision account to your Twitch or YouTube account. Your Twitch and Activision ID link automatically by following the prompts on Twitch. To link to your YouTube account, head to your YouTube settings and turn on Activision ID in the Connected Apps section. You should also link your Activision ID to your Steam,, PlayStation, or Xbox account to ensure your account receives the drops. Players have until March 22, 9 PM PT, to tune in for four hours to claim every Twitch drop.

With Warzone Mobile fresh off the factory line, there will be tons of Warzone Mobile to cover, so stay tuned here at ESTNN.

How to Claim Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Launch Celebration Twitch Rewards
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