How To Access The Locked Stadium Rooms In Call of Duty Warzone

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How To Access The Locked Stadium Rooms In Call of Duty Warzone

Since Stadium was opened up in Season 5, players have found locked doors inside. Here's how to find the keycards and enter these rooms.

Following some exploring around the new Stadium location, players noticed that there are locked rooms that need a keycard to be entered. Players also started finding new blue keycards around the Stadium itself.

A first person view of a player in Call of Duty Warzone holding a rifle and looking at a blue keycard in Stadium

These keycards allow you access to one of three rooms within the Stadium:

  • Parking Garage door: P2 – 16
  • Lower Level door: CL – 19
  • Middle Level door: EL – 21

These keycards can be quite hard to find, but the blue glow around them makes them slightly easier to see while looting. The keycards cannot be found in loot boxes and are only available as floor loot. If you're looking to find a keycard, you'll have to hunt around the Stadium to find one.

Inside these locked rooms are Legendary loot boxes and a computer that shows another code on the screen after you interact with it. While it is not understood what this code means yet, many fans believe it could be connected to the Bunker 11 mystery.

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