How The World of Esports Has Changed

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How The World of Esports Has Changed

If you remember older online games competition like those that used to take place for CounterStrike 1.6 and CS-Source, you might be surprised how much that industry has changed. But if you haven't—the basic gist of things is that they've got bigger. MUCH bigger. That means more money, more fans, more coverage, and a more professional sports environment.

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Now, check out this article for a few key movements the industry has seen

1. Bigger competitions

While online gaming and competitive competitions have been around for a while now, nobody can argue that they aren't MUCH bigger now. You can take part in competitions that draw on talents from across the globe, and there are also a number of different professional esports leagues in different locations.

2. More games

The options for different games used to be limited in a competitive sense. Now there are all sorts of games that people play professionally, like LoL, DOTA, Fortnite, Starcraft II and much more. Even FIFA. No matter what sort of games you're into, people are probably playing them professionally.

3. Better connections

The improvement of internet infrastructure has made a massive difference in online gaming. While some competitions take place in arenas in the same location, that isn't the case for all esports. And for the ones where competitors are in remote locations, a good internet connection is a necessity.

4. More money

There's a lot more money in esports these days, for a variety of reasons. The top players in a range of different games are even millionaires now.

5. Live arena events

Have you seen esports competitions fill out live arena venues? This might have been unthinkable just a few years ago, but now big venues are hosting esports events.

6. More publicity

esports pros have even entered the mainstream in some aspects. With news reports, TV coverage and more—it looks like pro esports are here to stay and could become a bigger part of the sports landscape in the future.

7. Paid competitions

You don't just have to join a team to earn money playing esports. You can enter competitions from the comfort of your own home and play to win for smaller amounts. That's how many of the top players started out before they got picked up by a pro team.

8. Pro teams

This is one of the biggest differences when compared to competitive sports of the past. Teams have sponsorship and can now operate as professional entities rather than the amateur status of the past. That means you can earn a salary as a pro esports player.

9. Twitch and streaming

And why is there so much money going around? More fans. Competitive online gaming has been around for a while, but the real difference these days is that people want to watch it. Twitch and online streaming has played a bit part in this, along with live arena attendances that we've already mentioned. That's why there's so much money in the sport today.

Have you noticed how big esports have become in the last few years? This looks set to continue as more and more people start playing a wide range of games competitively.

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