How Esport Games Impact Your Computer Science Learning Skills

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How Esport Games Impact Your Computer Science Learning Skills

In the early 2000s, video games were loved mostly by teenagers for recreation purposes. After about 2010, gaming drastically changed with the introduction of new graphical games. The Xbox and the PlayStation also brought a paradigm shift in the gaming industry.

Currently, video gaming has evolved from a mere entertainment activity to a full esport activity that involves intense training and long hours of competition. Esports has attracted attention from the media and winners pocket thousands of dollars. Science students can benefit from esport games in several ways.

Esports help students become fluent in science

Students involved in esports must learn skills useful for winning. For example, in the real-time strategy game, the gamer needs to be sharp and create strategies to maneuver through several units until they secure specific areas of the map.

A lot of thinking is involved during the game. The science students can apply some of the theories they learn to overcome real-life challenges. The practical application of the theories during the game helps strengthen the scientific reasoning of the student and their capabilities for solving problems are improved.

Esports help students become physically resilient

When esports players undergo training, they can spend more than six hours daily on vigorous training. Sometimes just a few days to the actual competition, they can go a whole night or day training.

The purpose of the long hours of training is to help the players become physically strong because esports game is not a game for the frail. The training does not just help them to build strength on the muscles and bones, but it also helps them build greater cardio strength, better eye concentration, fast working of the hands and fingers and swift shoulder movements.

Scientists sometimes spend extremely long hours in labs working on remedies for diseases or discovering new theories and concepts. The esports game prepares science students to become resilient and not worry about the time when they seem not to get solutions to scientific challenges in fields like engineering, biology, aviation and space science.

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Esports help students become critical thinkers

Every sportsperson needs a higher level of psychological smartness, which he or she can use against their opponent. Every sport is guided by one rule, which is winning, but the critical determinant between a great player and a champion is how they react when the game becomes intense.

When the pressure to win is high, the gamer can lose focus and become distracted. What is needed is a player who is strong mentally, a virtue that will help them perform better than the others. A strong mind also calls for high-level emotional control from the players.

New scientific discoveries require strong minds and emotionally stable scientists who will not give up amid great pressure from the people. With the coronavirus effect on studies being felt throughout the world, science students may critically think about ways a solution can be developed to help students study remotely.

Esports help students add more effort to learning

It’s not guaranteed that an esport participant will win during the competition. The player’s effort and strategy play a bigger role in winning. The player needs to put more effort into training and much more effort during the competition.

Science is more about effort because there are calculations to be made, concepts to understand and theories to argue. Without effort, the science student can give up and think about taking a different area of study. The student may perform poorly in one science topic, but with a spirited effort, they can give the topic more revision hours and pass.


Esport games are new and many people are yet to understand their benefits to the players, students and the general society. Esports games are beyond recreational games because their benefits outweigh their negative outcomes by far. Parents and teachers should allow students to train in preparation for esports competition the same way they would allow them to train for other traditional sports activities. Government and sports governing authorities should also embrace esports as an officially recognized game.

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