Call of Duty: History Repeats Itself As Dallas Empire Defeat Seattle Surge 3-1

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Call of Duty: History Repeats Itself As Dallas Empire Defeat Seattle Surge 3-1

The rematch between the Dallas Empire and Seattle Surge was an exciting bout but Dallas coming out on top again.

Round One

The rematch of the Dallas Empire and the Seattle Surge was truly something to behold. Hule started off strong, with a five-person multi-kill, as Dallas swept ahead with a more than fifty point lead early on in the match. Seattle charged back, however, closing in a thirty point gap with a balanced offensive in the midst of a sound defense during an ever-so-close Hardpoint match. Shotzzy moved around the map like a snake, sliding around the map with quick stealth tactics and a sound amount of kills to supercharge the Dallas Empire and their barely ten-point lead. Dallas defense was terrific throughout the match, and that proved to be a strength to secure their 1 – 0 first-round victory.

Round Two

The second round of the game started off with three quick kills and a high caliber win for the Seattle Surge in a heated round of Search and Destroy. The Surge also took the second round away from Dallas, with a creatively deceptive offense. Even though Dallas picked up the third and fourth round of S ‘n’ D, Dallas was right on them throughout the match, making sure to keep up their defense as both teams switched sides.

Dallas took another two round wins away from Seattle, who started to struggle in the fifth and sixth round due to a sloppy, disorganized defense. Dallas only pushed harder as the match progressed, taking another win as well as a 2 – 0 lead.

Round Three

The third round of the game was a standard match of domination, with both teams starting off strong, although Seattle lead it off with a twenty point distance. The Surge continued to keep the lead, as well as a Point A, for most of the match… and they quickly picked up their first win of the game, making it 2 – 1.

Round Four

Hardpoint was a murdering stronghold for both teams in the fourth round, as the Surge and Empire went back and forth for a close-knit Hardpoint win. The game stayed with a distance of fifteen kills for most of the match, with Dallas breaking away with a twenty point lead later on in the match… and as the game moved forward, history repeated itself once again, as Dallas defeated the Seattle Surge, 3 – 1.

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