Hector Rodriguez Leaves OpTic Gaming, Joins NRG For Chicago Franchise

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Hector Rodriguez Leaves OpTic Gaming, Joins NRG For Chicago Franchise

A New Chapter for H3cz

The journey of Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez is one of the better stories in the short history of esports. From the ground up, H3CZ built the OpTic Gaming brand from humble beginnings on YouTube to one of the top esports organizations in modern times. Ask any OpTic Gaming fan, the players and personalities included within made the brand what it was prior to its eventual fall from grace. This year marks roughly the 13th year since OpTic began operations and also the end of an era. After acquiring the OpTic Gaming brand, Immortals LLC and H3CZ released a joint statement on Twitter indicating that Rodriguez is resigning from his position within OpTic.

Hecz NRG Statement

OpTic Members Leave

This comes as little surprise with the way that OpTic Gaming has been trending over the past few months. Immortals Gaming Club acquired OpTic Gaming in June of 2019 only seeking their League of Legends LCS spot, but in the process brought down the popular esports organization. After the announcement, OpTic Gaming members such as Will “BigTymer” Johnson, Ashley “Midnite” Glassel, Nick “Maniac” Kershner and Davis “Hitch” Edwards began slowly parting ways with the organization. The writing was on the wall, and soon the original OpTic Gaming met an unwelcomed fate.


H3CZ Leaves OpTic

Fans hoped for a peaceful resolution, but the final shoe to drop was OpTic H3CZ leaving the organization that he entrenched himself in since 2006. Rodriguez could only wait and watch as all that he worked to accomplish slowly came crashing down. Although the finer details of the situation are unclear, Immortals Gaming Club and Rodriguez could not reach an agreement that satisfied all parties. The fallout of this failed negotiation marks the end of an era. After the news dropped, H3CZ went on to indicate what is in store for his future in esports.

H3CZ Joins NRG

Hector Rodriguez announced via his YouTube channel that he is officially joining NRG Esports for the CDL Chicago Franchise for the Modern Warfare season. NRG is home to many top professional esports players including titles like Fortnite, CS GO and now Call of Duty. Although his role is unclear, it is likely that H3CZ will manage the Call of Duty and perhaps the Overwatch team in a toned-down version of what he once did with OpTic. As a proponent of content, H3CZ will also likely continue producing YouTube content of his own. This position takes Rodriguez back to his home of Chicago where it all began.

Chicago COD

The roster for the Chicago Call of Duty franchise has is unknown at this point, nor has the official name of the team. Regardless, H3CZ has a lot of pull in the Call of Duty community and will be actively pursuing the game’s best players as the popular title transitions to a more legitimized concept. Rostermania will continue and news will slowly trickle down in terms of where these professional players will call home. Nonetheless, it is time to officially close the storybook on one of the most fan-crazed and recognizable franchises in all of Call of Duty history.

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