Gray Zone Warfare Player Count Hits Massive Peak in First 24 Hours

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Gray Zone Warfare Player Count Hits Massive Peak in First 24 Hours

Gray Zone Warfare Player Count got off to an impressive start hours after the game went live on Steam on Tuesday.

Less than 24-hours after it was announced to be released on April 30th, Gray Zone Warfare is off to a flying start. No doubt the game is taking full advantage of the Tarkov backlash, even before that, however, the game was generating a lot of hype from streamers.

Gray Zone Warfare Player Count

Gray Zone Warfare Player Count

Current peak player count – 66k

As we write this article, the player count has risen by 2k alone, so expect this number, and screenshot to change many times in the next 24 hours as things settle down. It's also worth noting that these numbers are mostly just players in Europe and Asia, with folks in the USA likely not even waking up to purchase the game yet.

After an initial spike up to 20k, the active player count actually started to “slow” as it climbed up towards 30k. As mentioned above, however, we suspect this number won't stop for some time. The game smashed passed 30k and over 40k having been out for just 4 hours as American fans started to flock to the game. Once again, we saw a huge spike again between 10am and 11:30am EST.

As things build this week, and providing the servers can hold, we suspect the game's peak will continue to fly. We'll update this as we get more information, official or otherwise.

The game peaked late on April 30th at just shy of 67k, before falling back down to around 30k during the day as Asia and European players came onto the game. With weekend players still likely to see this number rise, the future looks good for the title. However, the title holds a 61% positive rating on Steam, with many citing the game's very early access feel as an issue. This will likely put some players off initially until the game fixes some of the performance issues and bugs.

What is Gray Zone Warfare?

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical first-person shooter with an emphasis on realism. You play as a Private Military Company (PMC) to explore a vast “open world” featuring both PvEvP (Player vs. Environment vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes. The game also allows for PvE only, for folks not interested in fighting other players.

Gray Zone Warfare Player Count Hits Massive Peak in First 24 Hours
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