GamerzClass Signs Martin Fritzen: Wants to Give Esports the Best Conditions

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GamerzClass Signs Martin Fritzen: Wants to Give Esports the Best Conditions

Martin Fritzen has helped numerous esports clubs connect with meaningful partners and develop new revenue streams. A recent deal between Martin Fritzen and GamerzClass is now aiming to give more people access to the Dane’s valuable knowledge.

There are no big esports trophies on Martin Fritzen’s desk. Nevertheless, he is one among the many influential people in Danish esports. During the past four years, he has helped more than a hundred esports projects go from idea to profitable business.

In a new online course in 14 parts produced by GamerzClass, Martin Fritzen shares his insights into how to create a profitable esports club. The course is based on Martin Fritzen’s vast experience within the field and consists, among other things, of 25 specific ways for clubs to generate income, tricks and advice from industry leaders RedBull and Razer, as well as access to a case study with Danish esports club Bredballe IF eSport.

Esports deserve only the best conditions

The purpose of the course is to give people from all over the world the greatest possibilities of building profitable and sustainable esports activities, which in the end, becomes part of building a stronger culture around esports, improving lives of players, fans and sponsors.

”In Denmark, we’re lucky. Schools, sports clubs, companies and authorities all have embraced esports, giving it the same living conditions as traditional sports. But outside of Denmark a lot of esports either exist only on a grassroots level or is ultra-commercialized. If esports have to thrive internationally, it’s important with realistic, high-quality e-initiatives, that are able to generate profit,” says Martin Fritzen and adds:

“To get there it’s essential that esports projects are cohesive and holistic. New projects should aim to be healthy in more than one context, and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to local communities – helping and receiving help. Like that esports can grow and schools, companies and over-all society can experience the power of esports for years to come.”

From solo gaming to community building

For GamerzClass, the deal with Martin Fritzen is a special one too. Ever since the company stated its mission has been to mediate esports courses that highlight the many benefits that come with the right training. But with the addition of the latest course, GamerzClass adds a new dimension to their vision.

”Up until now, our courses have targeted at the individual gamer, but with Martin’s class, we have added a product that has the potential to strengthen whole communities. We love all aspects of esports, however being able to help improve the conditions for clubs and organizations is just awesome,” says Victor Folmann, CEO of GamerzClass.

The course is available through GamerzClass' online portal, where you can buy it for 34.99.

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