Florida Mutineers Take The Win Away From Seattle Surge In Second Call of Duty League Match

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Florida Mutineers Take The Win Away From Seattle Surge In Second Call of Duty League Match

This one was a close call so let’s just get to the highlights of the second Call of Duty Modern Warfare match.

Search and Destroy is a very hard game to perfect, but the amount of timely decisions and overall team sportsmanship shot Florida into the lead early on.The match contained roughly 52,000 viewers throughout, with streamers mostly dipping out during the second round of the match.

he amount of surging pressure and waning speed between both teams, especially during the search and destroy segments, was incendiary. With both Florida and Seattle maintaining a neck and neck position against each other throughout most of the match.

The match truly escalated in the seventh round, with Octane securing the win from on high for the Mutineers. His sniper work is unparalleled, but really shined through during Search and Destroy. There was solid effort abound, despite both teams bringing the heat early on, but the Florida Mutineers obliterated the competition, making it a close knit game.

Final rounds

However, in the final Domination rounds, Frosty absolutely obliterated the competition, killing so many of Seattle’s players it was genuinely hard to keep count. Overall Enable and Slacked were the strongest players for Seattle, with Prestinni and kill-loving Frosty coming out strong for the Mutineers. But in the end, Seattle stole the Domination win away from Florida in a by-the-numbers bloodbath.

During the Hardpoint segment, Skyz came through with a great offense for his team. Getting a beautiful triple kill in the final moments of the match. Octane had the heavy duty of having to hold the line. Florida ended up tying the game, once again, bringing it to 2 – 2.

In the final S ‘n’ D segment, Maux defense was certainly a strength for Florida, but Prestinni continued to dominate, getting kill after kill for Seattle. Apathy struggled throughout, lacking in total kills (not even achieving one). Florida won, with a beautiful 6-0 sweep, sinching a 3 – 2 series lead for the Mutineers.

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