Final Fantasy XIV’s Race for World First Starts April 26!

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Race for World First Starts April 26!

It's been over two years since we had a new Ultimate encounter in Final Fantasy XIV! Hot off the heels of the first Pandemonium Savage Tier, we now head into Dragonsong's Reprise!

Children of the Land, do you hear?

“There are no ifs in history, yet man is wont to cast his mind towards the path not walked.” Thus spoke the wandering minstrel, and at his urging, you reflect upon bygone trials with newfound perspective. Your imagination stirred by the man's masterfully woven verse, you dream of an alternate conclusion to the Dragonsong War…

Hard to believe it has been two and a half years since we had our last Ultimate encounter. The Epic of Alexander (TEA) was a grueling challenge to overcome. After 3 days, 21 hours, and 26 minutes The Creator was slain by team Thoughts per Second from the Free Company Radiance from Gilgamesh. Who has been on a winning streak since then. After coming in as a close third the following Raid tier. They've claimed every following World First, and are going in as a favorite for this Ultimate encounter.

But what is Dragonsong's Reprise? Like any other Ultimate, it's a glorified version of the events of Final Fantasy XIV's story. This time around it's Heavensward's main scenario which is commonly referred to as the Dragonsong War. This means players will not only re-experience their contest with King Thordan and the Knights Twelve. But also the fierce battle with Nidhogg at the Final Steps of Faith. And while the encounter as a whole is a tale in and of itself, it is laced with brutal mechanics. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida already warned players that this one will be especially brutal, including mechanics from all the way back in A Realm Reborn. For reference, an Ultimate encounter itself clocks in with around 20 minutes. But it takes even experienced parties upwards of 70-100 hours to reach the consistency for one clear.

But How to Watch it?

Due to the highly competitive nature of the event, many of the high-profile groups will probably refrain from streaming their progress. That doesn't mean that other groups who want to test their mettle will stream their experiences. And don't worry, instead of hunting down one group, why not watch them all? Despite the momentary absence of previous host FrostyTV, MogTalk will once again host and track the race. On their website, you'll find previous results and you'll later be able to see the results for Dragonsong's Reprise. During the ensuing battles, MogTalk will also broadcast the event. Currently scheduled for 3 days. Hosted by several prominent members of the Final Fantasy XIV community.

This time around, MogTalk has partnered with the non-profit Doctors Without Borders, with all proceeds from the stream going to the charity. The previous event raised $27.420 for the charity Extra Life back in January. If you are and plan to enter the competition yourself, you can register here.

We'll of course keep you posted on the results of the event here on ESTNN

Final Fantasy XIV’s Race for World First Starts April 26!
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