Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Midnight Raven

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Midnight Raven

After defeating Fafnir in Final Fantasy 16, the boss Midnight Raven can be discovered in the main quest “Fanning Embers.” If you wish to overcome Midnight Raven, you must have the capacity for quick, precise, and strategic thought. If you want to triumph over his tremendous intellect and might, you have to narrow your attention to him and learn to be patient. In order to help you defeat this difficult boss and advance in the game, we'll give you some useful advice and methods in this article.

Location, rewards, and abilities

The main quest “Fanning Embers,” which takes place in the Greatwood region of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, includes a fight with the Midnight Raven boss, as was mentioned in the article's introduction. This is the third creature in this quest that you will come across, and each one has a unique pattern and set of skills. Because it is the last one, keep that in mind. Prepare yourself for a trip that will put your abilities to the test in a number of ways as a result.

Players will also receive 1500 Gil as a reward for their commitment and labor, 99 Experience Points (XP) to help them in their quest, and 90 Ability Points (AP) as a reward for their hard work. These rewards are in addition to items like Steelsilk, Meteorite, and Badge of Might. The victory insignia and trophy-like objects are given as a souvenir for the participants' victorious overthrow of Midnight Raven.

But it is important to keep in mind that Midnight Raven must not be treated harshly. This formidable opponent can cause issues for anyone who attempts to combat him, therefore it is imperative to have a sound strategy in place. To combat this boss, bear in mind that Midnight Raven, like Clive, possesses a variety of unique special abilities called Raiton, Futon, Katon, and Assassinate that do extra damage to his foes.

final fantasy 16 midnight raven

How to defeat Midnight Raven

With a wide range of combinations and follow-up attacks, the Midnight Raven assaults with unrelenting aggression. Learn the complex patterns of his motions so that you can use them to your advantage. Two tactics are available to you after you fully comprehend his strategy. To begin with, use your parrying abilities to deflect his melee attacks, which he largely relies on throughout the encounter. You can open up opportunities for counterattacks by timing your parries skillfully. You can also use precise dodges to avoid his impending blows if you have memorized his attack patterns. The Midnight Raven, however, is not helpless and is capable of avoiding and retaliating to your own strikes, so keep that in mind. The timing of your offensive moves must be adjusted as a result.

A brilliant green lightning aura appearing around the Midnight Raven is a sure indicator of imminent peril, so keep a lookout for it. This is a signal that he is about to teleport back to you, where he will try to cut you with his razor-sharp sword as he resurfaces near you. As soon as this happens, get ready to quickly respond by pressing your dodge button. By correctly timing your evasion, you can both avoid taking major damage and give yourself the chance to strike back and hurt him.

There is an alternative method if you find it difficult to keep up with the challenging dodge mechanics of the game. Equip the Ring of Timely Evasion, a useful tool that automates the evasion process so you can concentrate on other parts of the combat. You stand a better chance of surviving the Midnight Raven's assault thanks to this potent ring.

Additionally, be ready for the frequent Cinematic Clashes, which are extremely dramatic action sequences that take place during this conflict. These Quick Time Events require your whole focus and rapid thinking. To overpower and outsmart your opponent in these battles, keep pressing the Attack Button (Square). The Midnight Raven will die if you win the decisive battle, putting an end to the grueling conflict and guaranteeing your success.

final fantasy 16 midnight raven

Midnight Raven's abilities

While fighting, Midnight Raven will cast some special abilities that deal a lot of damage to Clive. Raiton is a lightning skill that possesses an Area of Effect (AoE) effect, capable of being cast across the entire battleground. To evade its devastating impact, ensure you steer clear of the green indicators present on the ground, as these markings indicate the precise locations where the lightning will strike.

The Midnight Raven will materialize close to your location after using his teleportation skill, known as Futon. He will dash your way right away while using his lethal Assassinate skill. It is crucial to be ready for his reappearance because a single stroke from this technique can devour over half of your health. Keep an eye out for danger and be prepared to take evasive action to escape this dangerous attack.

final fantasy 16 midnight raven

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Midnight Raven
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