Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu Boss Fight Guide

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Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu Boss Fight Guide

How can you beat the Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu boss? In the game Final Fantasy 16, you face many tough enemies. In the base game, one memorable encounter is with Ahriman, an enemy who's not too strong compared to others. But in this magical world, there's an even tougher enemy to face in the DLC—the Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu boss. What makes Angra Mainyu different is the scary, dark crystal on its head, which makes the challenges even harder. In this article, therefore, we will tell you some tips you should follow if you want to face this boss and gather some material you can use to craft a weapon.

Hot to Beat the Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu Boss

The Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu boss is similar to Ahriman in its attacks. It uses long-range moves, powerful spells, and big attacks that cover a wide area. Clive, the main character, needs to be really quick and nimble to dodge all these tough moves. The battlefield becomes like a moving stage, and Clive has to keep dodging and find the right positions to stay safe.

But there's a chance for Clive when he gets close to Angra Mainyu. The enemy's Will bar goes down quickly in close combat, giving Clive a chance to attack. However, it's not an easy fight because Angra Mainyu has strong defenses. This means that you have to work hard to chip away at Angra Mainyu's health, so be ready for a long battle, especially if you are playing at higher difficulty.

Angra Mainyu has a tricky move in its arsenal where it teleports near Clive, makes lots of copies around him, and then causes big explosions around each copy. There are two versions of this move, but they have the same name. Be ready for either one and dodge as needed. After doing the Roulette move once, this attack creates more copies with bigger explosions.

The second version also has Angra Mainyu teleporting to Clive and making many copies. But this time, instead of explosions, the floating eyeball and its copies shoot plasma beams towards the middle. You can aim for the real Angra Mainyu during this move and shoot it a few times after dodging. After using Roulette, this attack makes more copies that now spin around instead of shooting in one direction. The real Angra Mainyu will also throw more explosive orbs, making it easier to aim at it.

Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu Boss

One of the attacks you need to keep an eye on is Angra Mainyu's special move, called Roulette. It creates a big circular marker that covers the whole battleground, leaving only a few safe spots. The marker spins fast, and Clive has to chase it in dizzying circles. Precision is crucial to finding safe zones. After Roulette, Angra Mainyu is open to attacks, so Clive can use powerful Eikonic moves. Balancing offense and defense is the key to winning this complicated battle.

Angra Mainyu makes a move called Quakeja, where it makes lots of circles in a line next to it. These circles make big crystals. Besides that, there are many energy balls floating around, kind of like huge explosive snowflakes. Angra Mainyu likes to combine all of this into a spinning explosion. Then, using another attack, on one side of the fighting area, three layers of Angra Mainyu appear and start charging up attacks. Rows of fireballs shoot out one after the other, and it's quite easy to dodge them if you stay far away. If you're close, try to get inside the three-layered pyramid to avoid getting hit.

Aka Manah creates copies of the Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu boss that show up high in the sky on one side of the area, then they fly across, dropping bombs on everything below. When the bombs hit, there's an electrified circle that stays there until the attack ends. At the end of this move, the real Angra Mainyu throws a big energy bomb at Clive that can instantly take away half of his health.

In the tough fight against Angra Mainyu, the best strategy is continuous dodging. Clive needs to attack only when he's completely safe. With persistence and a careful approach, players can overcome Angra Mainyu's strength. The rewards for beating Angra Mainyu are important. You get three Aqueous Humours and some Living Tissue, which are needed to make the powerful Omega Weapon. This weapon is a symbol of success and skill in the Final Fantasy 16 world. In summary, facing Angra Mainyu in Final Fantasy 16 is more than just a battle of swords and magic. It requires skill, smart strategies, and determination.

the Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu boss

Final Fantasy 16 Angra Mainyu Boss Fight Guide
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