FIFAe Drama: Statements Released On Finals Penalty Shootout

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FIFAe Drama: Statements Released On Finals Penalty Shootout

FIFAe released a statement on their official Twitter account about the Finals penalty shootout and fans are flaming the esports organization in a rage

The FIFAe World Cup is one of the biggest esports games ever held in the history of gaming esports. It is a gaming tournament where players compete against each other by playing the newest releases of the FIFA video game series. The esports tournament is held by the host, FIFA and their presenting partner, EA Sports. This esports tournament has been recognized as being the largest online esports tournament by the Guinness World Records in their official book of records.

Recently, the latest FIFAe World Cup, aka the FIFAe World Cup 2023 was held from 16 July to 19 July. The game went amazingly for all of the levels till the finals, where is where it all took a very nasty turn and fans are not happy about it at all. 

FIFAe releases a statement on their Twitter account regarding the botched Finals penalty shootout

The finals for the FIFAe World Cup of 2023 ended on July 19, yesterday. Manuel Bachoore, better known by his internet alias, “ManuBachoore” was crowned the winner of this world cup. He is a professional competitive FIFA esports player from the Netherlands, currently playing for Team Guilt, an esports team. Unfortunately for him, his win was not accepted and celebrated by the viewers of the world cup at all. 

During the console playoff of the finals of this season of the FIFAe World Cup, some things went terribly wrong. The finals ended with a penalty shootout between the finalists Manuel Bachoore or ManuBachoore and Mark Zhakary or “Mark11”, but that’s where the problem arose. When it was Mark’s time to shoot the penalty goals, somehow his shots were getting blocked as if they were being predicted exactly. Mark11 had raised his hand to ask for help from the referee but he was never acknowledged, so he kept playing as is.

Fans were quick to point out that during the penalty shootout, the feed of the console or the input overlay of the console used by Mark11, the opposing player was visible clearly on Manuel’s screen. The viewers quickly caught on and realized that Manuel was being shown the console feed of Mark11 during the penalty shootout to be given a competitive advantage. 

After the FIFAe World Cup streams ended, fans took to Twitter to reply to the tweets made by FIFAe announcing the winner, Manuel Bachoore or “ManuBachoore.” They were commenting things denouncing FIFAe’s morality standards and saying that the game was rigged. After a few hours after the tournament ended, FIFAe decided to speak up about the situation and they released an official statement on their Twitter account debunking the claims made by the viewers. Here’s the tweet that FIFAe posted on their Twitter account: 

FIFAe stated that they thoroughly assessed the situation and then came to the conclusion that…you guessed it, their decision was “right.” They said that players were given the choice to display their input overlay during the game after informing them that it would be broadcasted and displayed on stream. They even claimed that the feeds of the home consoles were visible on stream and in the entire game arena throughout the entire competition. Lastly, they said that the final decision has been made after reviewing the whole competition's footage and all the terms and conditions. 

FIFAe World Cup Drama

Credit: FIFAe

Needless to say, people were outraged and they flooded this tweet’s thread with replies calling FIFAe “a disgrace of a company” and how “shameful” it is for them to endorse such behavior. Some people were also commenting that Mark11 or Mark Zhakary deserves compensation for what he had to go through and honestly, we agree! He did raise his hand to get help from the referee but ended up getting ignored completely.

ManuBachoore won a total of $300K USD in prize money while Mark11 was awarded $150K USD for being the grand finalist. Yet, this win by ManuBachoore seems completely unfair to us and everyone aware of the situation. What do you think about it all? Stay tuned for more updates on the situation as we will keep you updated!

FIFAe Drama: Statements Released On Finals Penalty Shootout
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