FaZe Kaysan Hosting CoD MWII Halloween Showdown Tonight

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FaZe Kaysan Hosting CoD MWII Halloween Showdown Tonight

UPDATE WITH RESULTS: In the immortal words of Mr. House, The House Always Wins.

FaZe Kaysan's first tournament got off to a rough start. After several hours of pregame warmups, the tourney suffered nearly an hour of technical issues, matchup confusion, and ruleset. Team 3's cuffem dropped out at the last minute, and corruptedray's friend Gabe stepped in to fill his slot. Finally, the first match between Team 2 and Team 3 began.

Team 3 had a slight disadvantage going in, with Gabe apparently being more of a Valorant player than a CoD player. If that's so, Gabe's a gifted amateur, arguably performing second-best after Izi Prime during the match. Team 2 put on a pretty poor performance, with xQc and YourRage hard carrying the team. Callouts were weak, and they were over-aggressive on pushes. Team 3 would take home the first game comfortably with a 6-3 win.

Game 2 was a slaughter, with Team 3 obliterating Team 2 6-1. The rules were initially for these matches to be best of 3, meaning Team 2 was going home.

However, Team 2 raised a dispute, citing bad ping affecting their gameplay during the second game. They also pointed out that they thought it was unfair that Gabe was playing as a last-minute substitution (Apparently, the tournament was meant strictly for content creators).

The debate would go on for over half an hour. As a concession, Kaysan amended the rules to make games best of five instead of best of three. Team 2 now has a means of staying alive.

They'll have to win three straight matches to move on to the Grand Finals, but they at least have a shot.Rage and xQc did their best, but Kai and Bruce were deadweight. Team 3 took the third game 6-3, sweeping Team 2 3-0.

Moving on to the second matchup between Team 1 and Team 4, also called Kaysan's team, and Team OG FaZe.

Team 4 had the early advantage, with their passive play luring Team 1 into traps. Team 1 made adjustments to even up the score, but Team 4 took home map 1 6-5.

Game 2 and Team 1 performed much better. They had a better understanding of Team 4's playstyle and began effectively countering it. Fanum, despite fairly inexperienced, held his own. In fact, he secured the final kill to give Team 1 the second game with a dominant 6-2.

Game 3 was a fierce back-and-forth affair. It was anyone's game and easily the best game of the night. It was a tough fight, but Team 1 won 6-5.

The series wasn't over, however. Despite the tournament matches set up as best of 3, after the debacle with the first series, Team 4 raised the point it would be unfair if their series wasn't best of 5 too. One more game.

Two Team 4 lagouts and three instances later, and Team 1 would come out on top to send the FaZe OGs home 6-1. The new kids on the block are the stars now.

The Grand Final pitted Kaysan's Team 1 against Adin Ross's Team 3. And honestly, it was even worse than the first series. Team 2 didn't give a great performance, but Team 3 wasn't performing stellar, either. Team 1, on the other hand, was playing very well.

Izi Prime was quiet the entire series, with corruptedray doing best in Game 1. They didn't stop his team from taking a 2-6 loss. On to map 2.

Map 2 was the same story, with Team 1 honestly cruising through the game. Team 3 completely fell apart. Communication wasn't there, and neither was team play. Team 1 took home map 2 6-3.

Map 3 was more of the same. Team 3 just didn't have it. After another 6-3 victory, Kaysan's Team 1 swept Team 3 3-0 to win the first MWII Halloween Showdown. Each member of Team 1 took home $6,250 with the winner take all format.

It had hiccups, but the tournament was a solid start to competitive MWII's lifespan. Hopefully, we'll see more in the future.

Congratulations to FaZe Kaysan, Fanum, FaZe Santana, and FaZe Swagg for winning the Halloween Showdown!



Grab your candy corn or popcorn and turn off the lights. There's going to be some Call of Duty action this Halloween night hosted by FaZe Kaysan.

Call of Duty season may be over for 2022, but there are plenty of CoD offseason tournaments to help you scratch that competitive itch until CDL 2023 kicks off. Musician, DJ, and Gamer, Kaysan has been with FaZe Clan for over a year. And tonight, on Halloween Eve, he's hosting his first Call of Duty Halloween Showdown.

Kaysan's first MWII Halloween Showdown starts tonight.

Image Source: @kaysan Twitter

With help from Activision and the Call of Duty developers, Kaysan is putting on the first of hopefully many seasonal tournaments.

Four teams will be competing in the FaZe Kaysan Halloween Showdown.

Team 1: FaZe Kaysan, AMP Fanum, FaZe Swagg, and FaZe Santana

Team 2: AMP Kai, YOURRAGE, Bruce Ray, and xQc

Team 3: Adin Ross, RAYSCORRUPTEDMIND, Cuffem, and Izi Prime

Team 4: FaZe Rain, FaZe Apex, FaZe Adept, and FaZe Temperrr

Atlanta FaZe is fresh off a runner-up placement at CDL Champs 2022. But luckily for everyone competing in Kaysan's Halloween Showdown, the members of Atlanta FaZe are not.

Kaysan's Halloween Showdown will have a 25K prize pool. The event kicks off at 8 PM PST. Kaysan will be going live at 6:30 PST. Get your snacks ready. It's going to be a long night.

FaZe Kaysan Hosting CoD MWII Halloween Showdown Tonight
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